A “Thomas Jones” Carol

With the holidays almost here, it’s time for another installment of Boothie Christmas caroling where we revise a classic Christmas Carol into a Lincoln assassination themed Boothie Carol. Today’s song is a revised version of, “Silver Bells”. I hope you all enjoy it in the humorous manner in which it is intended.

Thomas Jones Christmas Carol

“Thomas Jones”

As sung to, “Silver Bells”

Easter morning, without warning,
Sam Cox comes down my street.
In the air there’s a feeling of danger.
I start going, without knowing
Why his dad wants to meet,
But I get to Rich Hill and I hear:

Thomas Jones, (Thomas Jones)
Thomas Jones, (Thomas Jones)
I’ve hidden Booth in the thicket
Lend a hand (Lend a hand).
Help this man (Help this man).
Make sure he gets river bound.

When I find him, Herold’s with him,
So I say to them both,
“We must wait for the troopers to leave here.”
He wants papers. I say, “Later.”
Then I give him my oath
No amount could cause me to betray

John Wilkes Booth, (John Wilkes Booth)
John Wilkes Booth, (John Wilkes Booth)
It’s not quite time to go boating.
Hunker down (Hunker down).
Don’t be found (Don’t be found).
Soon it will be rowing day!

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7 thoughts on “A “Thomas Jones” Carol

  1. Bob Ramey

    HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE! Sorry, Dave, but the whole idea of “Boothie carols” is a blight on the classy, superb material which is the hallmark of BoothieBarn. At least you have for the most part avoided blaspheming the One to whom Christmas rightly belongs by choosing songs (NOT carols) that are fun for secular distractions of this holy season. However, it does seem inappropriate to indulge in whimsical rhymes in a context that appears to be devoted to the greater respect for our our murdered president. Please, let’s focus on the interesting and reliable historical writing for which you have rightly earned a stellar reputation.

  2. Chuck

    I love it. Telling history in a humorous way.

  3. Jean Sapione

    Wow! That was great!! You kids are very creative and you know every detail. Hats off and all the best for Christmas and the New Year to you and yours. Jean Sapione Port Chester, NY

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  5. Russell Simonaro

    Those Booth Carols are a hoot Thanks for sharing

  6. The graphics and carols are hysterical, Dave! It’s good to have fun with history…..I feel that even historians can have a little levity with facts and details at times. After all, history is more than just dates and dead people!

  7. Laurie Verge

    Agreed, Betty! So many of our generation (old geezers) never learned to like history in school because it was never made FUN to learn. Having fun while learning makes for more well-rounded scholars (IMO), and those scholars do a better job at teaching others as professors, authors, and even as parents.

    If you have a talent and can use it to teach others, go for it…

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