If you’re reading this, CONGRATULATIONS! You have deduced the passcode and successfully completed the game! Your reward is knowing our secret before we make the announcement to everybody else during our speech at 7:15 pm. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T TELL ANYONE what you learn below. We’ve kept this secret for a full year and really want to be the ones to tell everyone who didn’t get through all the clues. So again, please don’t share this page or what you find on it with anyone else until we make our reveal! Thank you.

That being said, we (Jen and Dave) would really enjoy knowing that you’ve completed the game before the reveal. So after you peruse this page and learn our secret, please come up and give us one of the paper hearts from your table. That will be your secret message to us, telling us that you know. We won’t be able to talk to you yet about what you’ve learned (not even the wedding party knows), but the paper heart will tell us that you were crafty enough to figure it out.

Our Secret Love Story

On Friday, April 30, 2021, after dating for two months, we drove to Granbury, Texas and eloped. We didn’t tell anyone. Not even Atticus and Noah. On May 29, Jen visited Dave in Maryland, and Dave proposed to his wife. The plan was to celebrate our paper anniversary by hosting a wedding and announcing our marriage. We always knew we wanted to celebrate our love with our friends and family but we couldn’t wait to start our life together. Although we have enjoyed keeping our little secret for the past year, we are excited to finally share it with everyone. These pictures are from our elopement one year ago.

Dave and Jen Taylor

April 30, 2022


2 thoughts on “Granbury

  1. The G.O.A.T.S.

    We hate you, we love you.
    Sherri and Paige

  2. Rich Smyth

    Hey Dave! Hope you & Jen are having the time of your lives!

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