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Cleydael, the summer and wartime home of Dr.Richard Stuart in King George, Virginia, was a stop John Wilkes Booth and David Herold made during their escape South. After crossing into VA, the pair made their way to the home of Elizabeth Quesenberry. She contacted Confederate agent Thomas Harbin who, in turn, sent the fugitives with a nearby farmer, William Bryant, to Dr. Richard Stuart’s home, Cleydael. Booth and Herold expected hospitality and probably some medical attention from Dr. Stuart. Instead, Stuart already had a full house was very suspicious of the pair. He refused them lodging and medical attention. In the end he did give them a meal. After they ate, Stuart sent the men off a short ways to the home of a family of free blacks, the Lucases. Booth and Herold forced William Lucas and his family out of their own house and slept there. The next morning the pair paid William’s son, Charley Lucas, to take them to Port Conway by wagon. Cleydael still exists today as a private residence. In recent years the property had fallen into some disrepair. In 2012, the house was purchased at auction by Renee and Charlie Parker. The Parkers are in the process of restoring Cleydael to its former glory. In addition, they are gracious enough to open up their house to the Surratt Society’s Booth Escape Route Tours that run in the spring and fall. Visit the Parker’s website to keep up to date with their successes:

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The following is a slideshow of pictures of the Cleydael estate in 2011 taken by the auction company that was selling the property. Luckily, it was bought up and is being restored by a wonderful family, The Parkers. You can check on their progress on their blog:

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9 thoughts on “Cleydael Pictures

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  3. Caroline Stuart

    Curious where this picture of dr. Richard H. Stuart is from?

    • I scanned the image from the book In the Footsteps of an Assassin by Michael Kauffman. I believe the actual painting (along with a matching one of Mrs. Stuart) are housed at Stratford Hall. I’m not sure if they are on display though.

  4. DeeDee Perkins

    Beautiful home! Can’t wait to visit sometime.

  5. Julian Brizendine III

    My Grandmother was Mrs. Richardson, who lived here. My last visit was 1973 with my dad, who lived here before he went into the service around the early 50’s . Wow how things have changed. I have many stories and info from the house passed down to me throughout the years. My dad is still alive and would love to share any info he learned while residing there. I can’t wait to visit it again and share my info.

  6. Chris Shelton

    Just curious – is the metal roadside sign still missing?

    BTW, I loved the stop at this house on the Booth Escape Tour. Renee and Charlie Parker couldn’t be more gracious hosts.

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