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Welcome to LincolnConspirators.com’s Picture Galleries page! Here you’ll find galleries of pictures relating to different aspects of the Lincoln assassination. This page is an ongoing project that so please bear with me. I am hoping to add new images and new galleries as time goes on.


John Wilkes Booth:




Booth Family:

Junius Brutus Booth Picture Gallery
Mary Ann Holmes Booth Picture Gallery
Junius Brutus Booth, Jr. Picture Gallery
Rosalie Ann Booth Picture Gallery
Booth Children Picture Gallery
Edwin Thomas Booth Picture Gallery
Asia Frigga/Sydney Booth Picture Gallery
Joseph Adrian Booth Picture Gallery

Click for Junius Brutus Booth Click for Mary Ann Holmes Booth Click for Junius Brutus Booth, Jr. Click for Rosalie Ann Booth Click for the Booth children Click for Edwin Thomas Booth Click for John Wilkes Booth Click for Joseph Adrian Booth

42 thoughts on “Picture Galleries

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  3. Steve Lohrmann

    Wow, I really enjoyed looking at the “Booth Mummy” photos! The George/St.Helen sure makes for a good story, Think about it, who, in April 1865 AND in their right mind, would have pretended to be John Wilkes Booth at the Garrett farm? The answer, no one!

    • Steve,

      I, too, find the “Booth” mummy to be fascinating. While the idea of a massive cover-up regarding a different person being killed at Garrett’s barn is ridiculous, the mummy has such an interesting story all its own. So many people claimed to have seen (or been) Booth after his death, but this was the only soul who has been preserved for all time in his lie. Apparently the mummy still exists somewhere, but only a select few have seen it.

  4. Eleanor Ford

    I’d say it’s about 50-50.

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  33. Thomas Bowman

    I enjoyed your YouTube videos and the ‘BoothieBarn’ site very much. Great job. Keep up the good work.

    Booth Family – I read somewhere that in the Booth Family plot that John Wilkes Booth is buried under the two younger siblings – 1 year old Frederick and 2 year old Elizabeth. This was done under instructions from Edwin Booth with the idea that JWB’s remains would not be disturbed.

    A few years back there was a move to open the grave(s) to verify that JWB was really in the grave.
    I believe there was to be some kind of DNA testing to be done on the remains. A judge stopped the procedure when he was learned the two babies were on top of JWB.

    Have you heard anything about the exact location of JWB’s remains in the family plot?


    Thomas Bowman

    • Thomas,

      It is true that John Wilkes Booth is buried with his infant siblings on top of him. This was done, but I don’t know if we have any evidence that this was done purposefully by Edwin to prevent tampering of his brother’s remains. It is commonly held that John Wilkes is buried behind the Booth family obelisk, the same side that bears his name.


  34. james

    Maybe I missed it but where is Lewis Paine’s image in conspirator section?

    • James,

      You are correct that I have not yet created a Picture Gallery for Lewis Powell. I hope to complete one for him in the future.


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  36. Dave Lanara

    Several months ago, I sent an image of a small Ambrotype which I felt might be Booth, but you didn’t feel it was. I have had a well known forensic photo investigator examine the imagae and his averages, using known images, came to 45% match, with 60% being the highest average even with known images of an individual. If you’d like to revisit my image, let me know.


    • Dave,

      I still have the original email you sent me with the image attached. While I appreciate the offer to send it to me again, I still do not believe it to be John Wilkes Booth. Thank you, though.

  37. Spare

    No Lewis Powell??

  38. Lindsey

    Hi, there! I stumbled across one of the articles written in this collection on Samuel Arnold when doing light research on a home I lived in for about a year 2013-2014. I am interested in more detailed specifics of the time period in which Arnold lived at the house (Tracy’s Landing, MD) as well as the house’s history of occupants. Would love to chat…thanks!

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