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4 thoughts on “Port Tobacco Pictures

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  2. Richard Sloan

    I visited Pt. Tobacco — I think it was in the 1970’s. The Proprietor of the Old Quenzel Book Shop, James Barbour, took me out to the site of Brawner’s Hotel. Nothing remained except a hole in the ground and a few bricks from the foundation. Jim gave me one of the bricks, and I still have it. Does anyone know if Jim Barbour is strill alive? I believe he is! I bought some really nice books from Jim, including a first edition of Oldroyd’s “The Poets’ Lincoln,” an original hard cover edition of Buckingham’s “Reminiscences & Souvenirs of Lincoln’s Assassination,” and Ella Mahoney’s “Sketches of Tudor Hall,” which (like most other copies) bears her autograph. Thanx for showing the empty lot where the hotel stood.

    • Elsie Picyk

      Jim Barbour is doing well. He just celebrated his 89th birthday.

  3. Laurie Verge

    Many of our libraries became full thanks to Jim and Betty Barbour. He had a wonderful knack for finding assassination material that was in very good condition – many of them originals. To top it all off, both of them were always very cordial and accommodating to their customers. They even tolerated my bringing my daughter into their shop when she was 3-6 years old and longer. She’s now 40. Great folks, just like many of the old-time Southern Marylanders.

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