Surratt House and Tavern Pictures

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10 thoughts on “Surratt House and Tavern Pictures

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  2. Laurie Verge

    I am on leave and couldn’t sleep. Got up and flipped on the computer. What a pleasant surprise to find this great posting. Thanks so much.

    There is one engraving that I have never seen – the one that appears to be an artist’s conception about the time of the assassination, but is just not right. Where did you find it? We have also converted the unfinished room over the kitchen where the rifles were stored into a room for Aunt Rachel, a Surratt slave.The photo you have is very bare. We need to show the room in its interpretive state now.

    Thank you again for this “virtual tour.”

    • Thanks, Laurie.

      I’m guessing the mystery engraving you’re talking about is this one:

      I comes from a penny dreadful about John Surratt, so I’m not surprised that it is inaccurate.

      You know you can click each picture to enlarge it, right? I’ve written a description for each picture, noting where it came from.

      For the loft space, the only image I had was one I took back in 2009, before you interpreted it to be Aunt Rachel’s room. I made a note of its change though.

      Happy New Year!

  3. Julianne Munich

    This is amazing. I will make a vacation trip there with my family someday for sure! My teenage daughter went to DC and Ford’s Theater and the Peterson house already on a school trip, so I dream of taking all my kids to the Booth sites. I find them more intriguing and personal than Ford’s.

  4. steve lohrmann

    Excellent Dave. I love the Surratt House and Museum. Did Oldroyd take any interior photos?

  5. Laurie Verge

    If Oldroyd did take any interior shots, I would love to see them!

    As an aside, my grandmother was in her dating years when the Wheatleys ran the house once again as a “hotel.” I have seen a newspaper article mentioning a New Year’s party held there in the 1890s. I remember my grandmother saying that her parents would not have allowed her to go to anything there. I found it strange because there were (and are) Wheatley children (and grandchildren) that my family was friends with through the years. They were also helpful during the restoration of the Surratt House in pointing out certain things that their family had added.

  6. Chris Shelton

    Interesting story posted here about the disappearance of the interpretive sign at the Surratt House.

    • Laurie Verge

      It’s nice to see your own writing in print, but even better to see your name attached as the author!

      Chris – Thanks for sharing this page about the great Surratt sign heist. It may have been submitted by a gentleman from Alabama, but it was written by me many years ago. I was still a volunteer at the museum when we talked to the painter who was ready to “fess up.” As director of the museum, I now look out at that sign every day to make sure that it is still there.

      I would love to have been in that Chicago bar when the Illinois state troopers retrieved our sign! BTW, when I first wrote that text about the sign, I could not remember the Illinois U.S. Senator’s last name. It was “Percy,” Senator Charles Percy

      • Chris Shelton


        This is too funny, I literally sent you an email right before I saw a notification of your post here in my email box. 🙂

        • Chris Shelton

          Back to this story – very fascinating. Maybe you should go onto that website and submit a correction.

          They actually allow for submissions and correction requests. You might see my name there. I submitted a photo of the same sign from when I was there last April 28th. I also submitted a photo of the little outbuilding on the property.

          I think some updated photos of Cleydael are in order, as well, on the page with their roadside sign.

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