Port Conway & Port Royal Pictures

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Port Conway:

Port Royal:


3 thoughts on “Port Conway & Port Royal Pictures

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  2. Jim Garrett

    You have done well grasshopper

  3. In April, 1865, Belle Grove Plantation played a small part in the story of “the greatest manhunt in American history”. On the morning of April 24, 1865, John Wilkes Booth and David Harold used the ferry at Belle Grove to cross the Rappahannock River to Port Royal and on to Garrett’s Farm just 3 miles away. That afternoon, the detachment pursuing Booth and Harold, arrived at Belle Grove Plantation. Here Carolinus Turner (he bought Belle Grove in 1839) allowed them to rest in the front yard and offered them a meal. One of the officers, Lt. Everton Conger, was even allowed to sleep in the front hallway of Belle Grove. A short time later, the detachment crossed on the same ferry as Booth and Harold did that morning, and on April 26, 1865, the detachment caught up with Booth and Harold at Garrett’s Farm, capturing Harold and killing Booth.

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