The purpose of this page is to contain all of the assorted videos that have been previously created and uploaded to posts here on BoothieBarn. The videos below are of many different places and subjects, but, like all the content on this site, are all connected in some way to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The videos vary in length with some lasting only a few seconds while others last several minutes. It should be noted that this page does not contain my series John Wilkes Booth in the Woods. To watch that series, please visit the John Wilkes Booth in the Woods page.

Speeches for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

It has been among the greatest honors of my life to have been asked to speak at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois. I have thus far presented at the ALPLM twice. My first speech dealt with the history of John Wilkes Booth.

I followed my John Wilkes Booth speech up a couple of years later with one about the conspirators who were executed for their role in assisting in the death of Lincoln.

An Evening with John Wilkes Booth

In 2017, I performed a first person performance as John Wilkes Booth. Again, I’m sorry for the poor audio.

Walking the Escape Route

The following videos document my adventures walking different parts of the escape route. I plan to do more of these in the future, with the ultimate goal of walking the entire escape route.

Pine Thicket to Huckleberry:

Dr. Mudd’s House to Oswell Swann’s Home:

The Former Home of Conspirator Samuel Arnold

Inside Rich Hill 2013

In 2013, Rich Hill was in bad shape. The back door was open to the elements and animals. This is a video I shot of the interior. It no longer looks like this and is happily being renovated.

Inside Thomas Jones’ Huckleberry

A short video taken inside of Thomas Jones’ former residence, Huckleberry. Jones retrieved food from Huckleberry for John Wilkes Booth and David Herold before escorting them down to the river’s edge. Michael Kauffman author of American Brutus, makes an appearance.

The Spot Where John Wilkes Booth Tried to Cross the Potomac

John Wilkes Booth’s Cabin at Indiantown Farm

On April 20th, 1865, John Wilkes Booth and David Herold departed the Maryland shores from Dent’s Meadow aiming for Virginia. They did not make it to Virginia during their first attempt and instead ended up in Nanjemoy Creek at the home of John J. Hughes. Hughes let the fugitives stay in this slave cabin by the shore until they left again for Virginia on April 22nd.

Folklore of John Wilkes Booth in Port Royal

Historic Port Royal President Cleo Coleman discusses an additional stop John Wilkes Booth may have made in Port Royal, Virginia during his escape.

A Tour of the Garrett House Site

Dr. Charles Urquhart’s Grave

Boston Corbett’s Dugout Home

Graves at the Old St. Peter’s Church Cemetery

Atop the King and Queen Seat at The Rocks

In Harford County, MD, about 11 miles from Tudor Hall, the home of the Booths, is an natural outcropping of rocks over Deer Creek. Today it is known as Rocks State Park, but it was commonly called just “The Rocks” in the 19th century. John Wilkes Booth and his siblings would visit The Rocks often as children. The most impressive outcropping is the King and Queen Seat. This short video was shot from the edge of the King and Queen Seat

Edwin Booth’s Grave

Charles County Update – Lincoln 150 – Dave Taylor

BoothieBarn on TV

On April 26, 2015, the 150th anniversary of John Wilkes Booth’s death, Tim Morgan (Chief of Tourism and Special Events for Charles County, MD) and I (Dave Taylor of were interviewed live on Fox 5 in Annie Yu.

You can also see a better version of this interview on the Fox 5 website:

Dave Taylor Speaks on the Fourth of July in Port Royal

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