The Lincoln Assassination On This Day (February 21 – February 27)

Taking inspiration from one of my favorite books, John Wilkes Booth: Day by Day by Art Loux, I’m documenting a different Lincoln assassination or Booth family event each day on my Twitter account. In addition to my daily #OTD (On This Day) tweets, each Sunday I’ll be posting them here for the past week. If you click on any of the pictures in the tweet, it will take you to its individual tweet page on Twitter where you can click to make the images larger and easier to see. Since Twitter limits the number of characters you can type in a tweet, I often include text boxes as pictures to provide more information. I hope you enjoy reading about the different events that happened over the last week.

NOTE: After weeks of creating posts with multiple embedded tweets, this site’s homepage now tends to crash from trying to load all the different posts with all the different tweets at once. So, to help fix this, I’ve made it so that those viewing this post on the main page have to click the “Continue Reading” button below to load the full post with tweets. Even after you open the post in a separate page, it may still take awhile for the tweets to load completely. Using the Chrome browser seems to be the best way to view the tweets, but may still take a second to switch from just text to the whole tweet with pictures.

February 21

February 22


February 23

February 24

February 25

February 26

February 27


Here’s another tweet from this week that I thought might interest folks.

That brings us up to today. Next Sunday I’ll write another post covering the #OTD tweets from this coming week. If you don’t want to wait until then and want to know each anniversary on the day it happens, follow me on Twitter! My username is @LinConspirators (Twitter has a character limit not only for tweets, but for usernames as well so I had to condense it). Even if you don’t want to join Twitter, you can still see my tweets by just visiting my Twitter page on the web. You can also see my tweets by looking at the sidebar of this website if you’re using a desktop or laptop computer, or at the bottom if you are visiting on a mobile device.

Until next week!

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5 thoughts on “The Lincoln Assassination On This Day (February 21 – February 27)

  1. Carol VG

    Do you know what it is thought that Mary Devlin Booth died of?

    • Mary Devlin Booth’s death certificate listed her death as “inflammation of the bowels”. Mary was always a sickly girl and never truly recovered from giving birth to Edwina a year earlier. Her death may have been gynecological in nature.

  2. jed clampet

    i dont use twitter and many others dont also. why did you stop posting full articles here?

    • Jed,

      I understand that many people don’t use Twitter which is why I have been embedding the tweets here on my site for anybody to read and view. It may take a minute to load sometimes, but you should be able to view them without issue. Unlike Facebook, anyone can view tweets even without an account.

      As far as my posting schedule, I have changed states, jobs, and now have a family that limits my free time to research and write full articles. For now, the best I can do is provide these daily bits of history, which also take stime to research and illustrate. For the time being, this is the best I can do with my busy schedule.

  3. Charles Carter

    I always enjoy your posts. Thanks!!

    Sent from my iPhone


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