The Boston Corbett Supper Club

I stumbled across this oddity on eBay tonight. It is a menu from a restaurant called the Boston Corbett Supper Club.

Boston Corbett Supper Club Menu 1

Boston Corbett Supper Club Menu 2

The menu features a drawing of the avenger of Lincoln on the front and, on the inside, a few of the menu items are named after the famous sergeant from the 16th NY Cavalry. Corbett’s honorary dishes include a salad called the Boston Corbett Special containing a variety of cut vegetables, perhaps alluding to Corbett’s expertise with sharp blades. The Boston Corbett Quiche is “baked in a delicate crust” not unlike Corbett’s delicate mind. And under the heading of “Boston Corbett Favorites” is what must be the sergeant’s signature dish, Chicken Corbett, which is “broiled to a golden brown” not unlike John Wilkes Booth in the Garrett barn.

The rear of the menu contains a short biography of Boston Corbett’s life.

Boston Corbett Supper Club Menu 3Noticeably missing from this brief biography is any mention of Corbett’s paranoia induced nervous breakdown in 1887 in which he made threats and waved a gun at representatives in the Kansas state house. For this mania he was committed to an asylum before managing to escape into oblivion.

After a little searching, I found that the Boston Corbett Supper Club had been located in Concordia, Kansas. Starting in 1878, Boston Corbett resided just north of Concordia in a dugout structure built into a hill. I drove out to Corbett’s dugout home, visiting other sites along the way, last summer. You can see my images and videos from that trip here.

The Boston Corbett Supper Club was used as a venue for wedding rehearsal dinners and receptions in the Concordia area and even supported Concordia’s annual 4th of July fireworks display. Unfortunately, a supper club based around the brave avenger of Lincoln who was also a partially crazed eunuch couldn’t make ends meet and so “Providence directed” it to close in the early 1990’s.

Though we missed out on our chance to dine at the Boston Corbett Supper Club, its menu has me thinking about opening my own Lincoln assassination restaurant in the future. For possible dishes I’ve thought of: Our American Couscous, Sic Semper Tilapia, Seward Skewers, George’s Beer-Battered Yellow Croaker, Physician’s Pie a la Mudd, and John Wilkes Bologna Sandwich.

Let me know your ideas for menu items in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “The Boston Corbett Supper Club

  1. I recently acquired this book called EAT, DRINK AND BE MERRY IN MARYLAND by Frederick Phillip Stieff (1932 1st Ed). Edwina Booth Grossman (Edwin’s only daughter with Mary Devlin) contributed several ‘Tudor Hall’ recipes for this book. On Line Plate tried one of these recipes called “Lamb Chop Brasseur.” It is seasoned with cayenne pepper, buttered and grilled and then drizzled with lemon juice and more butter. Here’s the link to the blog:

    I haven’t tried the recipes yet but will in the future. If you want copies of the recipes let me know. I can scan them and email to you.

  2. Richard Sloan

    Someone did a take-off menu in Flemington, NJ dur. the Lindbergh kidnap trial there. I think a restaurant would be great. PIcs of playbills, theatres, and of Laura Keene and other contemp. actors on the walls, with a real 19th century theatrical ambiance. The booths should ea. be named (with little brass plaques, for members of the booth clan — an Edwin booth, a Junius, sr. booth, etc; I wouldn’t go so as to have any refs. to JWB, tho in a way that would be disrespectful to Lincoln or condone assassination. Conspirators’ names, tho, could be in the menu. How about a “Paine pasta primavera, and or Swedish Surratt meatballs. And, of cs., a Mudd pie as you suggested already. I like the skewered Seward. . How about something with a Stantonese Milainnaise sauce? A Keenelyme Pie?

  3. Laurie Verge

    At least four of us “old – but wise – broads” beat y’all to the draw over thirty years ago. Joan Chaconas, Betty Ownsbey, Nancy Griffith, and I from the Surratt Sushi Bar used to compose the names of dishes in honor of the bad boys while traveling from place to place.

    There is a restaurant in Northwest D.C. that is themed around Mr. Lincoln – complete with thousands of pennies forming the floor and appropriately named drinks at the bar. Maybe it needs a little competition in Southern Maryland…

  4. Linda and Sanford Prindle

    We enjoyed reading about this unique menu. Got us thinking about possible dishes. Mary Surratt bourbon balls and Lewis Payne sliced beef sliders. Dr Mudd ‘s broken leg of lamb. Harold’s Davy Gravy.

  5. They should’ve spelled the desert ‘Chocolate Mudd Pie’ . . .

  6. chiefden34gmailcom

    Entertainment supplied by Corbett’s Carnival with the special added attraction of Corbett’s Merry-Go-Round the Barn. The restaurant’s feature of the day would be Corbett’s Cutlets made of chopped liver. Enough already…

  7. Richard Sloan

    I wish the Chinese restaurant in what had formerly been Ms. Surratt’s boardinghouse would have a menu with offerings such as “Chicken George Atzerodt and Broccoli; Lyin’ Lou Lo Mein; egg scaffold drop soup; John Lloyd Lo Mein, etc;

  8. Steven G. MIller

    The Hotel Lincoln in Chicago has feature with a Lincoln assassination theme: the J. Parker Rooftop Bar. It’s supposedly named from John Parker, the bodyguard who abandoned his post at Ford’s that Good Friday night. See the following:

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