Boothie Wonderland

With the holidays upon us, it’s time once again for our annual tradition of revising a classic Christmas Carol into a Lincoln assassination themed Boothie Carol. This year’s song is a remixed version of the classic, “Winter Wonderland”. I hope you all enjoy it in the humorous manner in which it is intended.


Boothie Wonderland

As sung to, “Winter Wonderland”

A gun shot rings, are you listenin’?
In the lane, an assassin’s blitzin’
A terrible sight,
He slips through the night.
Fleeing in a Boothie Wonderland.

Far away, is his young guide,
“Old King Lincoln, has now died.”
They reflect on his deeds,
While exhausting their steeds.
Fleeing in a Boothie Wonderland.

At Surratt House they can get some whiskey,
From a man who’s had too much, himself.

Then they’ll find a doc who’ll fix him for free,
And later say he was dressed like an elf.

Later on, they’ll get tired,
As they wait, without a fire.
They’ll be dirty and bleak,
Waiting almost a week,
To go Boating in a Boothie Wonderland.

In Port Conway, they will meet three draftees,
Of the cause that Booth hoped to revive.
They lead them to the Garretts’ who were quite pleased,
To aid Booth, a wounded soldier in disguise.

But they’re found, ain’t it thrillin’?
With smoke and fire, the barn is fillin’.
The guide will bail out,
His master will pout.
Shot in a Boothie Wonderland

Previous years’ Boothie Carols can be read here:
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“Lewis Powell is Coming For You” / Santa Claus is Coming to Town
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6 thoughts on “Boothie Wonderland

  1. Gary Goff

    Don’t think it will make Casey Casum’s top 40

  2. Merry Christmas Dave!

  3. Nothing like fleeing in a Boothie Wonderland! Now seriously will there be an album?

  4. Diane

    Love this one! Merry Christmas!

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