John Wilkes Booth in the Woods: Part 10

John Wilkes Booth in the Woods

The tenth installment of my series “John Wilkes Booth in the Woods” is now complete and available for viewing.

In this part I get some unexpected news and start walking towards the Potomac River.

To watch the video, you can either click on the image above and scroll down, click HERE to watch the video on YouTube, or play the embedded video below.

There is one final installment of “John Wilkes Booth in the Woods” left to go. Stay tuned for the conclusion of this historical reenactment.

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7 thoughts on “John Wilkes Booth in the Woods: Part 10

  1. james bradham

    Hi Dave enjoyed watching your booth in the woods videos. james

  2. Tom K

    Job Well Done, Dave. Thanks for keeping us on our toes and giving us an idea of what happened in the Pine Thicket.

  3. Great job and appropriate closing song!

  4. Jeff Randolph

    Thanks for the great video, I’m glad that site is still intact.

  5. Hannah Seaford

    I’m not American, but for me The American Civil War is the most fascinating ever.
    English Civil pales by comparison.

    Usually assasins like Princip, Oswald, Godse were pretty much unobtrusive unkown people prior to committing the act.
    What is so interesting with Licoln’s assassination, is that Booth was a highly cultured and respectable famous figure, whose impeccable breeding and pretige was attributed to being part of America’s greatest acting family, and whose roots were from England.

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