At the National Hotel

I am currently eating at Mary Surratt’s former H street boardinghouse, now Wok & Roll restaurant, in D.C.’s Chinatown. My reason for coming into the city today, was to visit the Newseum. I had previously visited the Newseum a few years ago when they had an exhibit going on about James Swanson’s book, Manhunt. Today, I came to view their current exhibit, JFK: Three Shots Were Fired, which contains artifacts relating to JFK’s assassination.

The Newseum is built on the former site of the Naional Hotel, Booth’s hotel of choice when in the city. After the assassination, detectives raided his room at the National and retrieved his trunk and papers left in his room. One of the papers found, signed Sam, would implicate Samuel Arnold in the conspiracy.

As with any museum I visit, here are a few pictures of Lincoln assassination related things found in the Newseum, oddly enough mainly just a couple newspapers:






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9 thoughts on “At the National Hotel

  1. Dave, please get some take-out for me. General Tso’s Chicken over brown rice, please.



  2. Hearh

    How was the JFK exhibit? I hated to moss it when we were in DC in April but we simply ran out of time.

    • It was small but well done. They have a couple media presentations showing the news footage of Cronkite announcing the President’s death and from when Oswald was shot. Some artifacts included Oswald’s shirt and jacket, his wallet and some items from inside it, the blanket that the rifle was kept in before the assassination, Abraham Zapruder’s camera and his contract with Life magazine to use still shots from his film, and the homicide report from Jack Ruby’s slaying of Oswald.

  3. Now you got hungry for Chinese food.

    • You could try, but I don’t think Wok & Roll will deliver to you in California. It’d be too cold by the time it got to you anyway.

  4. Richard Sloan

    a quiz for you youngin’s only: What was Suey Sang Lung?

  5. Richard

    Thanks for the post. You sure get around. I remember eating at the Wok and Roll and while eating imagined what it was like at The Surratt House in 1865. Thanks again.

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