A shameless request…

Technology is amazing. The internet has opened up so many areas of research that were unheard of just a short time ago. What’s more, the way we are interacting with technology is constantly changing and improving, too. Five years ago I had one desktop, or “tower”, computer, and one plain, old, no contract, flip cell phone that only made phone calls. Today, I have a new desktop computer, an “air book” laptop, and an iPhone. Technology has made it so easy for me to research the Lincoln assassination from practically any venue and in any situation. For example, in the middle of Tudor Hall last weekend, I whipped out my iPhone, brought up this site, and explained to one of the volunteers why one of the pictures they had up was not of Joseph Adrian Booth, but was of a friend of John Wilkes’ named Richard Johnson. I can now research and discover new things from my desktop computer in my office, my laptop while watching TV on the couch, and when I’m on the go from my iPhone. All of this is thanks to the increasing advances with technology.

There is one downside to having so many different avenues for research: organization. When I find something interesting on, say, my laptop, I save it to my laptop. When I stumble across something while on my iPhone, I save it to my phone. When typing up posts and attaching pictures on my desktop, I save things on my desktop. The result, three different “Booth” folders and files on three different devices. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve remembered something that I’d read, and I had to dig through three different computers to find where I saved it. Worse, when my desktop required repair for a long time and I was stuck using only my laptop, I filled that poor little thing’s memory very quickly. So what is the solution?

For me, it is Dropbox. Dropbox is a cloud based program that allows you to sync multiple devices together and save things to all of them simultaneously. When I take a picture with my iPhone, I can seamlessly upload it to Dropbox and find it on my desktop computer when I get home. No cords, no flash drives between computers, no transferring files. It has really helped me in getting my material organized and accessible.

So, why am I bothering you all with this infomercial for Dropbox? Honestly, it’s because I am trying to get more storage space. You see, Dropbox is free (which is awesome) but they only give you so much free space. After using up so many gigabytes of free space, you need to upgrade (pay) to get more. However, Dropbox also has a very generous referral process. For every person you refer and get to install the Dropbox program, both you and the person you referred are rewarded with 500 MB of free space. So, that’s why I’m being shameless right now. I know Dropbox is incredibly helpful for me. I have Dropbox installed on my iPhone, my desktop computer, my laptop, and my work computer. This allows me to access my files anywhere I go. If you think Dropbox might be a good thing for you, please consider using this referral link from me, Dave Taylor, when signing up and installing the software. By doing so, both you and I will be rewarded with an extra 500 MB of free space.

So many of the pictures I put up here on BoothieBarn are here due to the seamless way I can sync my phone with my computers. The more space I can get (no matter how shamelessly I may act in doing so) the more images and resources I can have with me no matter where I go. Read about Dropbox and decide if you think it’s something that might benefit you in your life. If you do decide to use Dropbox and do so by using my referral link, I would be truly grateful.

Ok, enough of that commercial. Now back to your regularly scheduled Lincoln assassination programming…

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17 thoughts on “A shameless request…

  1. Anthony Classick

    Sorry I have no use for a Dropbox. I have a tower computer and would not want a laptop or tablet if they gave it to me. I like a real typewriter and no touch screens. My cell phone makes phone calls and
    that’s it. I do not need to be connected to some computer every minute of the day not to mention the
    cost of all this. I have tons of space too on my computer. I have an extra tower computer for tons of
    room, very handy when I moved to this computer. If touch screens are the future, I will not be buying
    any of them. But then when you think about it, how did we all get by before we had a computer.
    Very well I think.

  2. Dave, I have to agree with you. Today’s technology makes research, for example, absolutely phenomenal. Back in the day, when I was your age, one had to actually schedule a visit, usually take off a day from work and drive the 2 hours to the Library of Congress, National Archives, etc. Pay to park, and all the rest. Today – one can sit in front of the computer and find more in an hour than one did in an entire day of research. I STILL love to actually go to the facilities, but technology makes it all so very much easier – plus — it’s so nice to sit and research in one’s PJ’s! HA! Yes, I’m all for technology and I’ll check out the Drop Box….after all, I AM a geek as well as a researcher/historian….

  3. What photo did they have of Joseph? Im only familiar with one with a mustache.

  4. Rich smyth

    Hi Dave, you are right about Dropbox. Another very good selling point is the ability to share mega-huge files, like image heavy manuscripts. Prior to Dropbox I saved files on a CD or flash drive and mailed it. Now Jim Garrett, our Editor and I use this application. Good luck on your referral request. It is certainly going for a good cause!

  5. I’m going to join Drop Box Dave….sounds terrific – thanks!

  6. I’m always amused by those who say, “I’ll never….” In reference to some burgeoning technology. ‘Cause they always come aboard. Always.
    I recently bought my first iPad and quickly discovered Drop Box. It’s a bit tricky but so far I like it. I also got a blueray keyboard so I can kick back and type away getting the benefits of touch screen and a user friendly way to input data. Problem solved.
    Never say never.

  7. Jim Garrett

    As Rich pointed out, he is a great proponet of the dropbox. I am catching on to this new technology with lightening speed. Rich will now put a 100 page file in drop box. He will email me it’s there. I will go to my computer, pull up the drop box file, print it out, punch holes in it, then put it in a three ring binder. It’s now safe and sound for when the terrorists bring down our entire digital world.

  8. Rich smyth

    I will now begin referring to our favorite blogger as Dropbox Dave. Thank you Betty!

  9. Anthony Classick

    I had completely forgotten I had a tablet because I never use it. And I do have the Dropbox on it. I
    have never used that either as I have so much space. I don’t see the need of all this technology unless you really have to because of the job you have. Seeing all the people with phones stuck in
    their ears was rather depressing. Especially when they were driving a car.

  10. Hey Dave , I used the referral program and opened a new account using my Hotmail email. Hopefully you got your extra 500 MB space.

    • They make it so you have to install the program on a computer first, before they give both of us an extra 500 MB. Thank you, Carolyn!

  11. On my ipad and now will install on my laptop. Hopefully that works.

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