Kieran McAuliffe’s Booth Escape Route Map

Earlier this week, I received a generous offer from Kieran McAuliffe. He has recently revised and reissued his John Wilkes Booth Escape Route map. Today I came home from our trip to D.C. to find a copy of his new map in my mailbox.


Mr. McAuliffe has nicely improved on his original map, adding more images and fine tuning the specific routes taken by Booth and the soldiers tracking him down.



Excerpt from Kieran McAuliffe’s original John Wilkes Booth Escape Route map.


Excerpt from the revised version of Mr. McAuliffe’s map. Notice the greater detail showing the routes taken.

His map is a must have for any one interested in the assassination. It provides a nice, concise account and beneficial visual of the escape route. You can purchase Mr. McAuliffe’s new map from the Surratt House Museum or from Amazon.

I’m looking forward to Mr. McAuliffe’s future maps.


Read more about Kieran McAuliffe and his work here:

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6 thoughts on “Kieran McAuliffe’s Booth Escape Route Map

  1. Gene C

    It is very generous of you to promote Mr.McAuliffe’s map. I don’t have on yet, but I’m going to order one.

  2. Dave, I also have Kieran’s new map, and I wholeheartedly agree with your comments. I first “met” Kieran about 13 years ago when Ed Steers sent me some photos of the Abraham Lincoln/Grace Bedell
    statues in Westfield, NY. Since then Kieran has sent me other material as well. His work is exemplary, and I am so glad you devoted this blog to such a fine gentleman.

  3. Kieran McAuliffe

    Good Morning Dave
    Wow! I have been asleep at the switch here and didn’t get a chance to check out BoothieBarn in the past few weeks. Thank you so much. I am glad you liked the updated map. And your choice of pictures gives viewers a good idea of how the detail shows on the map. I am forever grateful!

  4. Connie

    I think Kieran’s map exemplifies his passion for the subject. And his attention to detail is remarkable. Great work.

  5. David

    There is one aspect of the revised map that is less accurate than the first – the location of Cleydael. The house is actually located near the 6 on the 206 route badge that is northeast of what is marked as Cleydael. I happen to live on one of the nearby streets

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