Wilkes Booth the Head Conspirator

Here’s Boothie caroling, Part 3.


Wilkes Booth the Head Conspirator
As sung to, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

You know Powell and Spangler,
And Surratt and Herold.
Atzerodt and Mudd,
O’Laughlen and Arnold.
But do you recall,
The most famous conspirator of all?

Wilkes Booth the head conspirator,
Had a very shiny gun.
Rathbone – he never saw it,
So now Lincoln’s work is done.
All of the other conspirators,
Listened to everything he said.
They never questioned Wilkes Booth.
And that is why old Abe is dead.

Then one foggy April night
Conger came to say,
“Wilkes Booth with the barn so bright
Won’t you come out here tonight?”
Then Boston Corbett fired,
And he shouted out with glee,
“I shot the head conspirator,
Providence directed me!”

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7 thoughts on “Wilkes Booth the Head Conspirator

  1. richard Petersen

    very creative, thanks.
    Gene Autry was a boyhood hero.

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  7. Jessie

    I’m totally singing this this Christmas season! 😀 Super creative! I love it!

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