We are now BoothieBarn.com!

In this month’s (August 2012) issue of the Surratt Courier the Surratt Society not only carried a revised version of my Michael O’Laughlen: Quilter article, but also endorsed this blog and Roger Norton’s forum. This is on top of their already kind mention on the Surratt.org website.

In the Courier, this site was listed as BoothieBarn.com. Up until now, that was incorrect as I had been using the free version of the WordPress blogging site. The mistake convinced me to finally take the plunge and purchase the BoothieBarn.com domain name. Looking at my site stats I knew that many others had found this site after searching for BoothieBarn.com so I feel it will be worth it.

Therefore, from now on, there are two ways to reach this site. The old address (https://boothiebarn.wordpress.com) will continue to work indefinitely. The newly created http://www.boothiebarn.com will work too. Both addresses will bring you to the same site and material. So if you have this site already bookmarked you could change it to BoothieBarn.com but you don’t really have to.

As BoothieBarn.com, I hope I’ll be able to continue to provide interesting articles for your reading pleasure.

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One thought on “We are now BoothieBarn.com!

  1. Hi Dave. Congratulations on obtaining your own domain. For many years I had my site with my ISP, and then a few years ago I finally purchased my own domain. I only wish I had done it earlier. I will update the links to you from my site.


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