Junius and Jackson

Tragedian Junius Brutus Booth, Sr., and President Andrew Jackson

Did John Wilkes Booth’s father, Junius Brutus Booth, Sr., write a letter threatening President Andrew Jackson’s life?  PBS’ History Detectives investigate:

Click here to watch the “Booth Letter” episode on PBS.org

This episode features author Gene Smith.  Mr. Smith wrote a wonderful biography of the Booth family entitled, American Gothic: the Story of America’s Legendary Theatrical family, Junius, Edwin, and John Wilkes Booth.  I decided to post this video after learning the sad news that Mr. Smith passed away on July 25th.  His book was one of the first “Boothie” books I ever read, and it drew me more and more into the assassination story.  Thank you, Mr. Smith.

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7 thoughts on “Junius and Jackson

  1. Richard Sloan

    too late to hold the presses, Dave. That’s a photo of Junius Butus Booth, Jr., one of the Booth Brothers, not their dad, JBB, Sr. DOn’t feel badly. Others have made the same mistake. (I corrected an ebay seller about it last month, in fact.)

  2. I totally agree with Richard on this. The photo is incorrect. Also, I have this cdv of Junius Jr., which I purchaes from eBay awhile back. I too have corrected sellers on eBay. 🙂

    • Thanks for the heads up you two. I fixed the picture to be a correct one of Junius Sr. I have to say though; at first I was going to fight you on this. Junius Sr. and Jr are so similar it’s eerie. In the end I realized the photo I was using was too modern to be one of Junius, Sr. I know everyone said that John Wilkes inherited his father’s looks, but I think Junius Jr. in his older years is practically a mirror of his father.
      Thanks again.

  3. dawnefoster

    LOVE History Detectives! And loved American Gothic too!

  4. Dave, please excuse going off topic. But I am looking for a younger pair of eyes on this one. On my Mary Surratt page at http://rogerjnorton.com/Lincoln26.html I have a photo identified as Isaac Surratt. Basically it’s Laurie, Joan Chaconas, and I against the world on this one – do you think that is Isaac or is it really just another photo of John? What do younger eyes see? The one author I can find that agrees with Laurie, Joan, and me is Roy Chamlee.

  5. godeygirl

    Roger –

    No YOUNG eyes here – but I’ve always agreed with Joan and Laurie as well that the photo on the left is that of Isaac Surratt

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