In the Words of Asia Booth

Asia Booth Clarke was the chronicler of the Booth family. In the collection of the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore are a series of letters Asia wrote to her life long pen pal Mary Jane “Jean” Anderson.

I decided to put together this animated .gif showing some of Asia’s words from her letters to Jean.

If you want to learn a little more about Jean Anderson, here is a short and unfortunately shaky video I recorded at her grave in Green Mount Cemetery:

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4 thoughts on “In the Words of Asia Booth

  1. Wade Kirby

    Thanks Dave for your insight. (Great ford’s Theatre pull over jacket too) !

    • Thanks, Wade. Kate and I both have the same Ford’s Theatre fleeces and they definitely get a lot of advertising with us.

  2. Rich Smyth

    Cool beans Dave! In my heyday I searched for Jean’s grave to no avail. Thanks!

  3. Dorothea Barstow

    Do you know if Asia’s letters have ever been published?

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