The Escape of John Wilkes Booth

I found this free interactive mapping program online today and decided to see if I could construct a nice little map of John Wilkes Booth’s escape route. Unfortunately, this particular map will not embed straight into my site, but you can click the image below to view it.

The Escape of John Wilkes Booth map image

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13 thoughts on “The Escape of John Wilkes Booth

  1. Wonderful application, Dave! This is absolutely masterful – thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, Betty, for sharing the website with the Garrett farm drawing. That’s where I learned about mapping program.

  2. Kat Wilmot

    This is simply AMAZING. The best thing I’ve ever seen on Booth’s escape route. Thank you so much. It was great fun exploring it and seeing the photographs accompanying each stop.

    • Kat,

      I’m glad you enjoy the map. It was really pretty easy to make using the mapping program.

      The best way to explore Booth’s escape route though, is in person. I narrate some of the Surratt Society’s John Wilkes Booth Escape Route Bus Tours. When I have dates for the spring I’ll let you know, in case you’re interested.

      • The minute you find out about the spring dates please let me know. I’m planning to come back in your neck of the woods to include a visit to Tudor Hall (hopefully take one of the tours) and a visit to the Gettysburg Museum of History.

  3. Excellent! Thanks!!!!

  4. Russell Simonaro

    Great map and description I never about Indiantown or Office Hall

    R Simonaro

  5. Laurie Verge

    Dave – Has anyone actually found proof that Herold and Booth stopped at Office Hall to eat? Or, is it regarded as local legend?

    • Laurie,

      As you know, it is only local legend that Booth and Herold stopped off to eat at Office Hall. However, seeing as it was on the route they would have taken from Cleydael to Port Conway, I choose to include it in this map and I point it out as a likely stop on the Booth tour.

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