Don’t Shoot!: The Journey of Booth’s Deringer Pistol

From the Ford’s Theatre Blog. David McKenzie has written a nice piece regarding a familiar face to BoothieBarn, Edwin B. Pitts, Chief Clerk of the Judge Advocate General’s Office. You can see another picture of Mr. Pitts and learn more about his custodianship over Booth’s artifacts here:

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Shoot!: The Journey of Booth’s Deringer Pistol

  1. SarahJencks

    Thanks, Dave!

    Sarah Jencks Director of Education Programming Ford’s Theatre | Where Lincoln’s Legacy Lives

  2. Laurie Verge accidentally posted this comment under a different post, so I thought I’d duplicate it here:

    “Thanks for posting the article on the JAG employee handling the gun decades ago. One of us Boothies did just that this past week. Terry Alford, author of Fortune’s Fool (which I hope will set the assassination field on its ear when released this year), was being interviewed for a film project this past week and was allowed to don his white gloves and hold the pistol while it was out of its display case.”

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