Winner of John Wilkes Booth: Day by Day

It’s been one week since the contest ended for a free copy of Art Loux‘s masterful book, John Wilkes Booth: Day by Day.  The contest was a terrific success with over 80 comments being posted by people expressing what facet of the assassination story interested them the most.  I want to thank each and every person who commented and joined in on the conversations.  It was all great fun.

Art Loux's JWB DBD

To select a winner, all of the eligible comments were assigned a sequential number based on when they were posted.  Then an online random number generator was used to select the winning comment.  I’m pleased to announce the winner of the free copy of John Wilkes Booth: Day by Day is…

Herb Swingle!

Herb posted the following comment(s) about what he finds interesting in the Lincoln assassination story:

Booth, “jumped the gun” and took it upon himself to extinguish the flame of what America needed at that time of History!

What makes me, “Sit up and take interest”, is how easy Booth was able to do what he thought he could get away with!

I feel that John Surratt enjoyed Sarah Slater’s companionship while in Canada also.

Thank you so much for commenting, Herb, and congratulations on winning.  Your free book should be arriving in a couple of days.

To everyone else out there, please make sure you purchase your own copy of this wonderful book.  As I stated in the original contest page, this book is the perfect book for everyone with an interest in the Lincoln assassination.  It will easily prove to be one of the most consulted and respected texts on the subject of John Wilkes Booth and his deed.  Please take the time to purchase your own copy from an online retailer of books like Amazon or support the gateway to the Lincoln assassination story, the Surratt House Museum, by ordering your copy from them.  See the ordering information below for details.

Your purchase of John Wilkes Booth: Day by Day will not only provide you with unmatched scholarship into John Wilkes’ life and movements, but it will also support the legacy of the late Art Loux.  It is one of the cruelest fates that Art is not here with us today to appreciate the acclaim he so justly deserves.  JWB: DBD was Art’s life’s work and through it, his generosity and passion live on.  If you have not already, please take a moment to read my short remembrances of this great man.

Again, I want to thank everyone who commented and took part in the contest.  It was wildly successful and so I may do another one in the future.  In the meantime, go out and purchase your own copy of John Wilkes Booth: Day by Day by Art Loux.  I promise you won’t regret it.

John Wilkes Booth: Day by Day is available from the Surratt House gift shop for $50 (+6% Maryland tax if ordering from within the state).  The cost for shipping is $3.  Life members and/or volunteers of the Surratt Society receive a 15% discount.  Place your credit card order by calling the museum at (301) 868-1121, or send a check payable to Surratt House Gift Shop to 9118 Brandywine Road, Clinton, MD 20735.  While you’re at it, take the time to peruse some of the other wonderful books they have for sale by clicking here.
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16 thoughts on “Winner of John Wilkes Booth: Day by Day

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  2. Eva E. Lennartz

    Congrats, Herb!!!

    • Seward R. Osborne


      Kindly re-send me your email address.

      Kind regards,

  3. Diane Adkins

    Congrats, Herb!!! I really enjoyed reading all of the comments everyone posted….so diverse and all interesting.

  4. Rich smyth

    A nicer guy could not have won!

  5. Laurie Verge

    Ditto to what Rich posted. Those of us who know Herb know that he thoroughly enjoys the study of the Lincoln assassination. More importantly, however, Herb loves life and enjoys education and helping others. We need more people like him nowdays…

  6. Congratulations to Herb! I totally agree with with Laurie and Rich have said….Herb is a true giver – a giver to his community and loves helping others – Kudos!

  7. Congrats Herb!

  8. Congratulations Herb! Question Dave: My son has a reenactment date coming up soon.
    Where did you purchase your JWB era clothes? Could you point me in the right direction?
    My husband and I went on the JWB tour last year on September 21st. We really enjoyed
    meeting you and your own Thomas Jones. You were in the discussion phase about
    staying in the pine thicket back then. I’m sure glad you did it!!

    • Ennette,

      Forgive my delay in replying to you. When it comes to getting Civil War era clothes, there are a few places (both online and in real life) which can help. It mostly depends on what type of reenactment your son will be doing. Most male reenactors purchase a Union or Confederate uniform and want to reenact battles and such. There are many online businesses that specialize in those outfits. My knowledge on that is slim to none, however, since Booth was a civilian.

      To recreate Booth’s outfit, I had to cobble things together from a few sources but my main two were Kara’s Corner Clothiers ( and Gentleman’s Emporium ( Kara bases her business out of her home in Gettysburg and her work is phenomenal, though it does take a while because she is usually backed up with orders. Gentleman’s Emporium is online and it was from them that I got my coat, vest, and trousers.

      I hope this helps and that your son has fun!


  9. John C. Fazio


    Congratulations. Nicely done.


  10. Herb, it’s been an absolute pleasure to know you “through the Internet” over the past few years, and I cannot think of a more deserving winner. The community services you have done, and continue to do, are a model for all of us. Kudos, Herb!

  11. Julie

    Congratulations Herb, and Dave, thanks for the links to order this book! It sounds really interesting.

  12. Herb Swingle

    Thanks to you all! It is a pleasure being able to be part of this,and study one of the most disturbing times in our history as a nation.I couldn’t put this fabulous book[Day by Day] down.Tomorrow I am scheduled to speak about the book at the Central-YMCA-of Rochester,NY.

  13. Herb Swingle

    Today-I gave my talk on”Day by Day”at the Central-YMCA-of Rochester,NY.A man came up to me and said that his grandmother met Lincoln in 1864 in Scranton,PA.Lincoln said to her,” Do not worry little girl,I won’t hurt you”,Hey,you never know!

  14. jlt1984

    Big congrats, Herb!! 😀

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