John Wilkes Booth in the Woods: Part 7

John Wilkes Booth in the Woods

Part 7 of my series “John Wilkes Booth in the Woods” is now complete and available for viewing. In this part, I practice walking with a crutch and experience my second night sleeping in the woods.

To watch the video, you can either click on the image above and scroll down, click HERE to watch the video on YouTube, or play the embedded video below.

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3 thoughts on “John Wilkes Booth in the Woods: Part 7

  1. John C. Fazio

    Dave and Laurie:

    I have clarified the reference I had difficulty with a couple of days ago: The remark, per Weichmann, was made by Anna. She said: “Oh, Ma! just think of that man’s (John W. Booth) having been here an hour before the assassination! I am afraid it will bring suspicion upon us.” The remark prompted Mary to say: “Anna, come what will. I am resigned. I think that J. Wilkes Booth was only an instrument in the hands of the Almighty to punish this proud and licentious people.” The evidence is therefore clear and convincing that the late-night visitor was indeed Booth (coming to confirm that Mary’s assignment re the “shooting irons” had in fact been accomplished) and that the visit was his third (at least) to the boardinghouse that day. See Steers, The Trial…etc., p. 421.


  2. Russell Simonaro

    Excellent reenactment

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