John Wilkes and Edwin on “Drunk History”

John and Edwin Drunk History

Adam Scott and Will Forte portray John Wilkes and Edwin Booth in an episode of “Drunk History”

So, I’m still dying of laughter after watching this, yet to be aired, episode of Comedy Central’s new series, “Drunk History“.  As it’s name suggests, “Drunk History” consists of individuals drinking a lot of alcohol and reciting an historical event.  Then the historical event in question is acted out by popular actors, using this drunk recitation as the narration.  The concept started as a web series on the site FunnyOrDie, and has since been picked up by Comedy Central as a TV series.  The first episode about events in Washington, D.C. is not scheduled to air until July 9th, but eagle eyed Carolyn Mitchell noticed it was already up on Comedy Central’s website.

Wilkes Drunk 1

The untrained John Wilkes Booth on the stage

Warning – There is a considerable amount of swearing in the video as you might expect from a drunk person trying to remember things.  Regardless, the piece is historically hysterical.



You can watch the entire episode if you wish, but the part about the Booth brothers starts after the first commercial break at about the 8:10 mark. The Booth part concludes after the second commercial break, so make sure to sit through it.  Without further ado, here’s the link to the Comedy Central episode of “Drunk History” featuring the story of Edwin and John Wilkes Booth:

The Story of the Booth Brothers on “Drunk History”

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2 thoughts on “John Wilkes and Edwin on “Drunk History”

  1. Sharon

    I couldn’t stop laughing when “Edwin” announces he’s “back” (after 14:12 or so). Thanks for the link.

    • It’s really funny. One of my favorite parts is when Booth is like “Everyone gets what I’m doing right now”

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