Getting Organized

As of this posting, there are 162 posts here on BoothieBarn.  While the blog format of the site is beneficial in displaying posts in an easy to read fashion, I have been finding that it lacks proper organization.  Blog posts are inherently organized chronologically with the newest posts first while older posts are pushed down and then onto subsequent pages.  Currently there are 17 pages of posts, which is only going to grow as time goes on.  Also, since the themes of the posts vary widely from day to day, it is difficult, especially for new readers, to easily find older posts about a certain topic.  Therefore, over the last couple days, I have re-read all my posts, identified the major topics discussed in each, and created a poor man’s Index:Index picGranted, my Index is not organized alphabetically as most indexes.  However, I’m still hopeful that this index will make it easier for readers to find old posts about topics that interest them in a quick and convenient way.  You can access the Index by clicking the word “Index” at the very top of the webpage:

Index menu

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6 thoughts on “Getting Organized

  1. Excellent! Thanks for doing this.

    • When I was putting this together, Carolyn, I noticed I had done many more posts on the Booth family than I originally thought. I’m guessing I subconsciously want to appeal to the Spirit of Tudor Hall followers as much as possible!

  2. Rich smyth

    Thanks Dave! Anything that helps me find something I know I have previously read is helpful.

    • I did it as much for me as anyone else, Rich. I’m starting to forget everything I’ve written about.

  3. Herb Swingle

    Very well organized Dave-Thanks

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