I have a Booth diary!

When I arrived home yesterday, I found a card in my mailbox stating that the mailman tried to deliver a package but, seeing as no one was home, he held on to it.  I knew exactly what the package was.  It was something that I had been anticipating since the first day I saw it online – my replica John Wilkes Booth diary!  I filled out the postal service card to give them permission to leave it on my stoop, and I rushed home today.  I knew from all the emails, pictures, and collaboration between Pasquale and I, that I was going to really like the diary.  Even though I had seen pictures of the diary throughout the entire process and helped Pasquale replicate the inside of the diary page by page, with the actual product in my hand, I am still completely amazed at the craftsmanship and detail in every stitch and every page. I’m extremely excited and it’s time to show off my John Wilkes Booth diary:

So, I’m on cloud nine right now. If you would like to join me, you can order your own diary for $400 + $25 shipping. I know it’s a sizeable amount of money, but trust me, it is absolutely worth it. Pasquale has made a very unique and very detailed replica that is second to none. I’d be happy to photograph any other part of the diary and post it here if it will help you make your decision. For those of you ready to take the plunge, email me at boothiebarn (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll send you information on how to send money to Pasquale. Update: Pasquale is all out of John Wilkes Booth diaries and will not be making anymore.  Thank you to all who supported his hard work.

I have a Booth diary!!!!!!!!!

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42 thoughts on “I have a Booth diary!

  1. Hearh

    I couldn’t agree with Dave more. The diary is incredible

  2. Wow! That has to be a labor of love, because Pasquale can’t be making much profit on those. Unfortunately for me, I just spent that exact amount on another guitar for my arsenal.


  3. Happy for you! Great workmanship! If I had the funds, I would definitely order one for myself too. 🙂

  4. Rich smyth

    Wow, that looks great! You have me considering…

    • My big selling point was, “When am I ever going to find another one of these?”

      And just so we’re clear, I’m not getting anything, monetary or otherwise out of this. I’m just happy to share Pasquale’s work with the Boothie community.

  5. Jim Garrett

    I don’t know if it’s an exact replica. As most of you know, I spend many many weekends at Ford’s. I have spent countless hours staring and examining every detail of the most iconic diary in the world. I don’t see the Hello Kitty emblem on the replicas.

  6. Jim Garrett

    Are there 5 CDVs and a tintype?

  7. Jim Garrett

    Dave, you need to put CDVs of Lindsy, Laurie, Julie, Susan, and Sandra……..and a tintype of Joan

    • This explains why the Jim Garrett-made-replica Booth diary goes for such a high dollar. From the Hello Kitty logo on the front to the foldout map of the Port Tobacco Whataburger restaurant, no expense is spared to create a timeless riff on the concept of assassin accessories. Many of us eagerly await his recreation of Lee Harvey Oswald’s iPhone, which is said to have speed-dial entries for the telephone numbers of 47 prominent assassination-conspiracy suspects.

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  9. Laurie Verge

    Surratt House just received its own Booth diary, and it is wonderful! Even though only a replica, I feel like I have held a part of history in my hands. I am already putting in work orders to have its own display case made.

    We also have the photos of Booth’s “groupies” to display with the diary. Thank you so much Pasquale for the beautiful craftsmanship and Dave for your help with the project.

    • I sent your words to Pasquale, Laurie. He was so grateful that he was able to create not just a movie prop, but a, “very accurate replica of the original diary, a real piece of history” that will be displayed at the museum.

    • Many thanks for your feedback. I loved american history from my child age and now I’m proud to relase a part of it!

      Thanks again!

      • Ed MAX

        can you sell me one of your diarys if they are still for sale thanks ed max

  10. Fantastic, Dave! If I could afford the spendable cash – I’d certainly get one for myself — it certainly looks beautiful! Get a good display case for that, m’friend!

  11. Art Loux

    My diary has arrived and I echo the pleasure expressed by Dave and Laurie. The pictures provided are not CDV sized. This is not a complaint, just a statement. Does anyone know if replicas of those 5 CDVs are available?

  12. I would to thanks you all for your feedback about my work.
    Dave, thanks for this opportunity and for your help for this incredible project! Laurie, I’m honored for your words! Maybe one day I’ll come to visit your museum! I’d love to see a pics of my diary in your display!
    Art, thanks for trust in my work!

    Thanks to all guys!

  13. Anonymous

    I’m interested in getting one of these. Can you post more pictures, Dave? And what does the texture of the overall Diary feel like?

    • I’d be happy to post more pictures. What specifically would you like to see? You know you can click the pictures I already have up to see them bigger, right?

      The outside of the diary is smooth, but Pasquale has done a good job of aging it to make it feel like it’s been through a lot just like the original has.

  14. Anonymous

    Hi, I have a question. I was wondering how many pages in the Booth Diary are there writing on? I had always thought that there were several pages of writing, but I received the replica today, and only noticed 5 pages of writing in the replica. Is the real booth diary the same? (with the exception of the missing pages of course)

  15. Tom K

    where can i get one?

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  17. Jack Baumun

    What are the dementions of the diary ?

    • When completely opened the replica diaries are 11 inches long and 6 inches high. Admittedly they are just a bit smaller than Booth’s actual diary. This is due to the fact that Mr. Marsella made the covers for the diaries first before we consulted together on making the diaries as close to the real one as possible.

      • Jack

        Thank you for your reply . Not sure I understand ” Long” and ‘high” . Long as in opened up left edge to right edge ? And high as in how ? Thx for you patience !

  18. I can’t believe the diary will no longer be produced! I hope someone else can continue this work. I’ll admit it was a bit pricey. Wish I could have saved up and bought this earlier. 😭

    • Sorry, Carolyn. Pasquale only created so many covers for his diaries and once they were used up, he was done creating and selling them.

  19. Jeremiah

    Too bad he did not give credit to the master prop maker Ross MacDonald who’s work he copied.

    • Sarednab

      I not copied to anyone!
      This diary was made from 0 with collaboration of the admin of this website. He gave to me all original scans of the REAL Booth diary with HIS REAL handwriting and I work on it!

      Why did you say I copied???

      • Laurie Verge

        Surratt House Museum owns a copy of your amazing duplication of the original Booth diary and has it in a special display. I can attest to the fact that you worked from copies of the original diary at Ford’s Theatre. and did a wonderful job.

        I don’t know who the master prop maker, Ross McDonald is or what production he made such a copy for, but would love to know more in order to add it to the list of back stories related to the Lincoln assassination.

        • Sarednab

          Mr. Ross MacDonald is one of the best prop maker in the world and probably the best for the paper prop.
          He made a fantastic version of the Booth diary for the movie “National Treasure 2”, but as I always said, my version can’t be compared to the version made by Mr. MacDonald. He was the truly inspiration for me. My work is only a work of a fan, nothing similar to the professional work made by him. He is the best, he always been the best and always will be!

          Thanks to surrat museum to give me opportunity to made this version of the book

          • Laurie Verge

            And thank you for educating me on Ross McDonald. I had forgotten about National Treasure 2, even though I saw it twice and loved it. Of course, credit lines scroll so fast, I would never have seen his name.

  20. Sarednab

    Hi to all!
    I have in stock some new “improved” Booth Cover. If anyone is interested to have one of these in his personal museum, he can contact me

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  22. Paul Fisher

    Waiting on pins and needles for my Booth diary! Pasquale asked me to send folks to him if they want a diary and he can make them now. I thought I was out of luck to get one. Happy to be proven wrong!

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