Lincoln Assassination Books for Sale

Looking for a new book on the Lincoln assassination?  Then may I suggest the new book from the dynamic duo of Jim Garrett and Rich Smyth.  Their new book, which they debuted at the Surratt Conference, is entitled, The Lincoln Assassination: Where Are They Now? A Guide to the Burial Places of Individuals Connected to the Lincoln Assassination in Washington, DC.

The book contains the collective work of Jim and Rich, avid cemetery bushwhackers and extensive Lincoln assassination researchers.  This volume is the first of several highly anticipated books from the pair as they delve into not only more graves, but also the relics of the Lincoln assassination.  You could buy the book from Amazon, but why not support Jim and Rich’s favorite museum by purchasing your copy from the Surratt House Museum giftshop?  Call (301) 868-1121 during normal business hours to order your copy today. 

Looking for an old book on the Lincoln assassination? Richard and Kellie Gutman, the authors behind the impeccable book John Wilkes Booth Himself, have started a website offering up for sale several books from their collection.  Their selection of books is extensive and contains many lesser known titles.  Head on over to and check out what they have for sale.  I purchased half a dozen books from them last week and Richard mailed them swiftly to my door.

And while not a book in the conventional sense, we already have one very happy purchaser of a replica John Wilkes Booth diary.  Mr. Marsella is still accepting orders if you’re interested in owning a completely handmade replica of Booth’s diary.  The low price of $400 + $25 shipping is exclusively for readers of this blog.  Just email me at boothiebarn (at) gmail (dot) com, if you want one of this unique pieces before they’re gone for good.

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6 thoughts on “Lincoln Assassination Books for Sale

  1. Heath

    Jim’s book is fantastic. Any student of the assassination should add it to their collection.

  2. I was just checking out the John Wilkes Booth books link, and ugh..#31 sold.

  3. I second Heath. Jim and Rich already know this as I’ve told them; I love this book! This is particularly surprising (and a credit to Jim and Rich) because I AM NOT a “cemetery person.” I avoid cemeteries. The last cemetery I was in was in 1997 when Vicki and I drove to the Geneva Cemetery in Geneva, Florida, to visit Lewis Powell’s grave. “The Lincoln Assassination: Where Are They Now” is full of fascinating information, and I have already used it as a source for trivia questions on the symposium. Jim and Rich, kudos on a superb job!

  4. Excellent book and an excellent resource! Don’t miss this one – it’s a must have!

  5. Jim Garrett

    Thank you for the kudos all. Dave was a pertner in crime in some of this. Dave has joined us on cemetery forays for both this and future volumes. However, I do find it somewhat annoying at the ease it appears that Dave can take a really good picture. Heath and his brother Josh, joined me on a quicl jaunt to one of my favorites…..Congressional.

    However, I do have to bow in reverence to Rich, who is the Be All End All cemetery sleuth..

    • Jim and Rich are the guys to watch. They have so many wonderful projects underway. Keep it up, you two!

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