New Gallery – Samuel Arnold

One of the eight individuals tried for conspiracy in Lincoln’s assassination, Samuel Bland Arnold received a sentence of life imprisonment for his involvement in John Wilkes Booth’s initial abduction plot.  Arnold was one of Booth’s boyhood friends from his school days in Baltimore, and had served in the service of the Confederacy early in the war.  When Booth introduced Arnold to another boyhood friend of his, Michael O’Laughlen, the two joined Booth’s conspiracy to capture Abraham Lincoln and ferry him south.  Arnold later became disenfranchised with Booth and his grandiose scheme, and left Washington to take a job in Virginia a few weeks before the assassination.  He was found out and arrested when investigators found an incriminating letter in Booth’s papers addressed from “Sam”.  He served almost four years imprisonment at Fort Jefferson on the Dry Tortugas before being pardoned by Andrew Johnson.  From then on he lived the quiet life of a hermit.  In 1902, he finally allowed his version of the story to be told.

I hope you enjoy this new Picture Gallery of images relating to Samuel Arnold.

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