Lincoln vs Booth comic

Another researcher sent me a link to the following, hilarious, web comic regarding the Lincoln assassination. The entire comic is 38 pages long and really well done for a comic. It had me in stitches several times.  I would put the whole comic here if I could, but the language is R rated at some points. Still, it’s definitely worth sharing. Click one of the examples below or the link that follows to read the comic.

Small Bullet
Assassinating a Horse

Lincoln vs Booth from

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9 thoughts on “Lincoln vs Booth comic

  1. OMG – That is hysterical, Dave!

    Thanks for a good laugh – seems this comic artist DOES somewhat know the history as well…..

  2. One can have fun with history – it’s not all just about dead people and dates! Granted this is such a dark, tragic subject in itself that I think that a little levity now and then doesn’t hurt!

  3. Richard Sloan

    funny as hell.

  4. Richard Sloan

    have you ever seen the animated cartoons ( a series of per. 3) about Booth and the assassination? I think it’s called something like It may not be online any longer. It was pretty raunchy. They called Lincoln:”The Great Masturbator.”

  5. LOVE Dr Mudd in the bathroom!!! 😀

  6. OOPS – I meant “Dr Mudd in the BATHROBE!!!” Sorry….

  7. Julie

    This was hilarious! Loved it!

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