That Mysterious Ship Captain

Joao M CelestinoYesterday, I received an e-mail from a Portuguese journalist named Pedro Castro.  He kindly informed me that he had written an article for his magazine, Sabado, regarding the mysterious Portuguese ship captain who was imprisoned as one of the conspirators in the assassination of Lincoln and Secretary Seward.  His article is only the second, to my knowledge, that truly explores the exploits of Joao M. Celestino.  Moreover, Mr. Castro uncovers a new piece of information from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Lisbon explaining a point that author Philip Van Doren Stern found very mysterious – why did Celestino’s lawyer write to President Johnson four months after Celestino’s release with the following cryptic message:

“The case is a peculiar one and we only ask that you would appoint some good person to take the evidence and say what compensation Mr Celestino is entitled to and to order the same paid out of the Secret Service fund.”

Click on the following link to read Pedro Castro’s article, “Conspiracy: The Portuguese arrested in connection with Lincoln’s assassination”

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8 thoughts on “That Mysterious Ship Captain

  1. Gene C

    Interesting article. How did the journalist know how to contact you? Interesting that he went to Brazil.
    Is that where John Surratt went following his trial?

    • Gene,

      I’m guessing Mr. Castro found me by searching for Joao Celestino. I’ve mentioned him a few times in passing here on the blog. My email address is on the About page exactly for things like this.

  2. Herb Swingle

    Tremendous research and story!

  3. Excellent work by Mr. Castro and kudos to you Dave for attracting him to your site. Your blog and consistent updates are impressive and I enjoy reading it. Great job!

  4. Agreed! Great going as always, Dave!

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