A Boothie Carol

During this holiday month, I am hoping to post a few of my “Boothie” Carols.  I hope you enjoy these revised Christmas carols as the harmless bit of humor that they were intended to be.

This first one is called, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Play”.  I’ve embedded a YouTube video of the original song in case you feel like singing along with the new lyrics. 🙂


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Play

As sung to, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”


It’s the most wonderful time of the play.

With the stage almost empty,

And laughter a plenty,

Plus I’ve barred the way.

It’s the most wonderful time of the play.


It’s the slap-happiest whimsy of all.

When their foreign born cousin,

A bane there in London,

Let’s loose his guffaw.

It’s the slap-happiest whimsy of all.


There’ll be noise for suppressing,

The sound of my threshing,

In case someone puts up a fight.


There’ll be shock and confusion,

A sense of delusion,

As Lincoln goes out like a light.


It’s the most wonderful time of the play.

There’ll be much adoration,

As I save the nation,

A tyrant, I slay.


It’s the most wonderful time.

Yes, the most wonderful time.

Oh the most wonderful time,

Of the play!


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17 thoughts on “A Boothie Carol

  1. Dave, I’m sure you’re too young to remember the Mad magazines of the 1960s, but they had great “to the tune of” parody song lyrics. Your wonderful carol reminded me very much of those, and that’s a compliment!


    • Thanks, Jim. I do take it as a compliment. I have several more that I’ll put up this month as we get closer to the holidays. Lately I’ve been swamped with work and other projects that I haven’t been able to do any research, so these silly little things will have to suffice for content for now. You’re a fellow blogger, you know how it goes.

  2. Dave, I second Jim! This is WONDERFUL!! I love the comedic edge to history as well – it’s not all dry and dates – one has to have a little fun as we go along…. and yes, Jim – Boy do I remember “Mad Magazine”! Loved it and got in trouble once for reading and laughing at it in Math class. Teacher took it from me and made me stay after school!

  3. Laurie Verge

    I agree — keep those little ditties coming. We need a little laughter, right this very minute… Wait, isn’t that another song coming on?

    • Laurie,

      I sang in an A Capella choir in high school and we were essentially “hired out” during Christmas time. This taught me many of the older Christmas tunes. However, even before this I had a great education in some of the classics due to a movie from my childhood. Thanks to the fun sing along in The Muppet Family Christmas, I know parts of many songs:

  4. Laurie Verge


    From the age of 12, I spent the next 26 years as the organist at my church; so I too learned nearly every religious carol by heart. The Muppets also helped when I was raising my daughter, but from my early days the bouncing ball with Mitch Miller (whom most of you babies have never heard of) was part of my musical education.

  5. Steve Lohrmann

    Tasteless. but I’m staying because I enjoy the other blogs.

    • Steve,

      I understand my humor is not shared by everyone. This is ditty is written in Booth’s perspective and clearly wouldn’t be held by any living person today. We know Lincoln was not a tyrant and that his death was a tragic loss to the world. Still, I am a human being living 150 years past Lincoln’s day. By now I feel like the President would have made peace with his death and its subsequent role in history enough to accept the occassional satire about it.

      I respect and appreicate your comments, though I must warn you that more of these tasteless songs are to follow. Thanks for sticking with me despite them.


      • Steve Lohrmann

        Thanks Dave for the reply. I was a bit nervous about placing the post, but don’t you think it is a bit dark to write something funny about something so earth shattering?! Happy Holidays!

        • Steve Lohrmann

          I won’t look forward to the other songs!!!!! LOL

        • I feel that with any subject, there is a time for levity and a time for seriousness. I accidentally demonstrated this idea with my post yesterday about the Powells lamenting their lost son. It’s a sad, serious post that was preceeded by a silly song. When dealing with such dark subject matter, humor is necessary to lift the spirits.

          This is of a completely different matter entirely, but one of the best films I have ever seen is the Italian picture “Life is Beautiful”. It deals with a Jewish family thrown into a concentration camp during WWII. In an attempt to shield his young son from the travesties occuring around him, the father convinces his son that it is all part of a game. The father uses humor to protect his son from the horrible reality in front of him. The movie has been critized by some for its use of humor when dealing with such a horrific backdrop but, to me, the movie is one of the most moving I have ever seen. If you have never seen it, I could not recommend it more.

          • Steve Lohrmann

            You are so right Dave. I’m a mortician so I do understand what you saying! Keep up the good work and I’ll check out the movie. 🙂

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