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I’m sitting on a delayed flight trying to get back home to Illinois for Thanksgiving and so I’m a little bored. The product of that combination is this post of random assassination related pictures that I happen to have on my iPhone. Enjoy!

Col. Samuel Cox’s grave

Thomas Jones circa 1890

Newspaper engraving of Atzerodt climbing the scaffold

Mary Surratt

View into the Presidential Box from door 7.

Luther Byron Baker on his stuffed horse Buckskin during his days lecturing about his role capturing Booth and Herold.

John Harrison Surratt, Jr.

Site of the Garrett farmhouse


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14 thoughts on “Random Photos

  1. Kathy Canavan

    These are wonderful pix of Surratt and Booth.

    • Thanks Kathy. I don’t know where the Booth picture came from (I might have screen grabbed it off of the In the Footsteps of an Assassin app), but the Surratt picture comes from the collection of NPS/Oldroyd photos housed at the Maryland Hall of Records in Annapolis. The picture of Thomas Jones and Atzerodt climbing the scaffold is from that collection as well.

  2. Richard Petersen

    Thanks for the pictures. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the “Boothie” readers.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Fantastic photos, Dave! Love the one of Cox’s grave!

    Have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!

    • The Coxes are buried in the same cemetery as Frederick Stone. The same cemetery houses the graves of William Boswell’s family. William Boswell was brother to Elizabeth Wheeler, Atzerodt’s common law wife. She is not buried there though. I still haven’t figured out here she is…

      Have a Happy Turkey Day, Betty.

  5. Cliff Roberts

    Thanks Dave for the latest photos, especially the one of Surratt which I hadn’t seen before, and that goes for all the other great photos and unique “finds” you’ve given us in the past – this is a quality site with quality material, presented in an intelligent thoughtful manner – best on the web, in my very humble opinion.

    • Well thank you Cliff for your very generous words. It has been awhile since I’ve been able to truly devote myself to more in depth research like I have in the past. Part of this is due to my preparations for the Surratt Conference coming up in March. I’m trying to work on my presenation materials and really hone down the information I have about the Garrett family. There’s so much I want to throw up on this blog, but I’m stopping myself. In the mean time, my posts may continue to be light on research and instead just highlight an image or article. Thanks for the support!


    • Carolyn,

      You’re officially my favorite. Shortly after you posted your comment I purchased the photo. I didn’t even risk bidding on it for fear I might lose it. This picture will be the highlight of my Garrett talk at the Surratt Conference in March. Thank you so much for finding it and then telling me about it! I’m so grateful.

  6. That’s awesome. Glad I could be of an assistance 🙂 I’m always on that site looking for anything Booth related. But I do have a dollar limit though. I hope to clean up my current blog and start showcasing my collection.

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