Got a light?

Just a quick photo post tonight as I’m watching the presidential election coverage.

May you feel like having a celebratory cigar too by the time the election results come in. And if not, remember smoking is bad for you anyway.

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12 thoughts on “Got a light?

  1. i really like this image of jwb. so natural looking. i own the book titled:
    john wilkes booth himself and this photo is in the book.
    thanks so much for all you share with us.

  2. richard Petersen

    I trust someday I will get to Maryland and enjoy a Macanudo with Laurie.

  3. Cliff Roberts

    Have the others in this series of photos ever been identified? I’m sure I’ve seen the fellow seated on the right before, but I can’t place him!

    • Cliff,

      I’m not sure if they have been identified, but if they have been I’m thinking it would be in the book John Wilkes Booth Himself which I unfortunately don’t own. Hopefully someone who has John Wilkes Booth Himself can look it up and see if we have names for these gentlemen. Booth had about 7 or 8 pictures taken with these guys at one sitting.

  4. Jim Garrett

    I’ll be crying in my beer

  5. Omg! I had to dig through my boxes for this book. My copy is numbered 172 out of 1000 copies. According to the book, “The same unknown photographer in St. Louis was responsible for a remarkable group of seven photographs. This series depicts Booth and two unknown associates in a very early attempt at candid photography, known at the time as instaneous photography. In each of the pictures Booth is the central figure and the series acts acts out a story. This series exists only in the form of an offset print, with all seven on one sheet of paper. This series was taken in late 1861 or early 1862.”

    • Cliff Roberts

      JWB Himself has it wrong by saying the photo series was only released on one sheet as an offset print. I’ve located an individual print from the same set (showing a different pose by the three gentlemen at the table) as a single carte de visite with the name of the Union officer written at the bottom. The name is not completely legible – I’m trying to decipher it now.

      • Keep investigating Cliff. I know that Gutman photos 8 – 16 were all taken with the same set of guys with Booth. I believe photos 8 – 14 were the ones that were only found as one sheet. Gutman 15 and 16 are individual pictures. I’d love to see the CDV you found.

    • Thanks for digging through your stuff for us, Carolyn. Could you post the description for Gutman 15 and 16 too? These two have the same guys with Booth.

  6. 15. Yet another photographic group was taken in St. Louis at the same time. A fourth person joined the group, Major or “Col.” C. C. Campbell. (On the back of one copy of Plate 16 he was identified, but nothing more is known of him.) The exact size and location of the original of this rare pose are unknown. In 1937, it was in the collection of Carl Haverlin, but it vanished shortly thereafter. It has been published only once before, in Mankind magazine, vol. 1, no. 8, August, 1968.

    16. Major or “Col.” C. C. Campbell is the central figure in a very unusual group photograph, most likely taken at the same time as the other group pictures. This picture exists in two formats: one, an unmarked carte de visite, and the other, cabinet photo bearing the imprint, “Bowman, Ottawa, Illinois.” Because of the unusual cropping, Booth is merely a vignetted head in the left corner. It would appear that both of these are copies made for Campbell, probably taken from a vertical format picture, which has been lost. This curious photograph is published here for the first time and is very rare.

  7. c morant hennessy

    sorry please ignore my poorly worded comment above (very slow laptop!) would any website members be able too send me copies of 1 or two of the st louis set of photos? for research purposes only .
    living in great britain, copies of john wilkes booth himself are nigh impossible to attain.

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