Michael Kauffman plays Hollywood

Yesterday, I attended a “sold out” speaking engagement at the Sotterley Plantation in Hollywood…Maryland.  The speaker was Michael W. Kauffman, renowned Lincoln assassination researcher and author.  He gave an hour-long talk and half hour-long Q&A about the Lincoln assassination and his experiences doing research.  The crowd was not one of historians but Mr. Kauffman did a wonderful job giving an overview of John Wilkes Booth and his plot.  The audience’s response to the talk was very enthusiastic with many asking Mr. Kauffman for his autograph after it was all over.  I, of course, was one of those people.  I brought along his books, American Brutus, Memoirs of a Lincoln Conspirator, and his new escape route book, In the Footsteps of An Assassin.  He graciously signed them all and we talked briefly about one of my particular interests in the whole story, the Garrett family.  A good sport, he even indulged my fandom by allowing me to photograph him with John Wilkes Booth using the iPhone app developed with his latest book:

Needless to say, I must have come across like a Trekkie meeting Mr. Spock at Comic Con, but Mr. Kauffman put up with me nevertheless.  The evening was a very exciting experience for me.  It was an honor to listen to and meet the man who has contributed so much to our understanding of Lincoln’s assassination.

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8 thoughts on “Michael Kauffman plays Hollywood

  1. Richard Petersen

    Thanks for the post. It reminded me that I do not have In the footsteps of the Assassin.

  2. Rich Smyth

    Great idea using his own app to take his picture.

  3. I heard about this event awhile back. I’m so jealous you got to attend and got his autograph 🙂 . And by the way how can I get that app?

    • There are two ways to get the app, Carolyn. The most cost effective way would be to purchase Kauffman’s new book because it gives you the code to download the app for free. That way you’d have both the book and the app.

      Otherwise what you can do is download the MyTourGuide app. Then search in the app for “Booth” and for $9.99 you can download the ” In the Footsteps of An Assassin” tour. The app is a bit glitchy at times, and not exactly accurately when it comes to marking the sites, but still nice.

      • cmitchell3571

        As always, thank you Dave!

      • Hi, This is Paul Davis, the publisher of “In The Footsteps of an Assassin”. If you have a spare minute, I would like to hear more about your experience with the app. We’re always looking to improve its performance and would appreciate getting your input. Please email if you have time. Thanks,

  4. Just saw the teaser for “Killing Lincoln” on National Geographic. Totally cool! Can’t wait to see it. Me thinks I better hurry up and the read book 🙂

  5. A “teaser” for “Killing Lincoln” — I’d love to see that! The movie, fortunately, has NOTHING to do with the book, Carolyn! I was a historical adviser on this film and trust me it is one of the most wonderfully accurate Lincoln Assassination documentary/movies I’ve ever seen. A LOT of wonderful attention to detail…. This one is going to be a Do No Miss…… It has the same name as the book, ONLY!

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