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The Tauberts of St. Paul’s

Yesterday, I graciously received the cemetery records of St. Paul’s cemetery from Sandy Harper, church historian of Martini Lutheran Church.  Through the collaborative research of Sandy and the many others who particpate in this site, we have dissected the previously held belief that conspirator George Atzerodt was secretly buried in St. Paul’s cemetery.  Here are the facts we have managed to establish together:

1.  Gottlieb Taubert was the brother-in-law of Geroge Atzerodt.  He married George’s sister, Marion “Mary” Atzerodt.  Gottlieb was a member of Martini Lutheran Church and purchased a plot at St. Paul’s and buried two young children there prior to 1869.

2.  Victoria Atzerodt, George’s mother was buried in the Taubert plot in 1886.

Victoria Atzerodt’s death record from Martini Lutheran Church

3.  Gottlieb Taubert died in 1925 and was buried in the lot.

Gottlieb Taubert’s death record from Martini Lutheran Church

Gottlieb Taubert’s death certificate

4.  Mary (Atzerodt) Taubert died in 1928 and was buried in the lot.

Mary (Atzerodt) Taubert death record from Martini Lutheran Church

Mary (Atzerodt) Taubert’s death certificate

The remaining burial in question was the one that occurred on February 19th, 1869.  It had been believed that George was secretly buried in the Taubert plot on this date.  However, through the insights of Ms. Harper and the church’s verifying records, we now know that the burial on this date was not of the 29 [30] year old brother-in-law of Gottlieb Taubert, but the 29 day old child of Gottlieb Taubert.  The dead child’s name was Freidrich Gottlieb Herman Taubert:

Friedrich Taubert’s death record from Martini Lutheran Church

From these records, I feel comfortable saying that there is no longer any credible evidence that George Atzerodt is buried in St. Paul’s Cemetery in Baltimore. While his mother and sister are buried there, the final resting place of George is still a mystery. The last records place him in a holding vault at Glenwood Cemetery. Hopefully continual research will be able to reveal his grave.

We are all indebited to Sandy Harper for volunteering her knowledge and records about St. Paul’s.
Thank you to everyone who has participated in our conversations and added so many more details to George’s time at Glenwood.

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