The Trial Today: June 27

Here’s a sample of what occurred on this day in the Lincoln conspiracy trial:

  • The final five witnesses of the trial testified including more perjured testimony
  • An 1864 advertisement offering to kill Lincoln, Seward, and Johnson for $1,000,000 was entered into evidence
  • The government presented their argument defending the use of a military trial
  • Mary Surratt was still too sick to attend the court today and so she stayed behind a closed door in her makeshift cell next to the courtroom

The June 27, 1865 entry for the trial of the Lincoln assassination conspirators is now released and has more information. Please click here to access it. You can also access it through The Trial homepage.

Throughout May and June of 2020, I am publishing a day by day chronology of the trial of the Lincoln assassination conspirators. This includes almost daily posts announcing the release of what happened at the conspiracy trial 155 years ago. For more information about the creation of this project please click here.

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