The Trial Today: June 2

Here’s a sample of what occurred on this day in the Lincoln conspiracy trial:

  • Edman Spangler’s defense called witnesses to explain how the locks to the Presidential box were broken before April 14th
  • The allegation that Spangler slapped one of his coworkers after the assassination was brought into question
  • Testimony about one of Booth’s fellow actors was heard to poke holes in Louis Weichmann’s claims against Mrs. Surratt
  • Samuel Arnold’s coworkers verified he was in Virginia for about two weeks prior to the assassination
  • Some light was shed on Lewis Powell’s recent past before he met John Wilkes Booth
  • William Doster explained that he would seek an insanity defense for Powell
  • A fabricated letter was entered into evidence
  • Anna Surratt spent part of her time as a visitor in the courtroom giving the stink eye to Louis Weichmann

The June 2, 1865 entry for the trial of the Lincoln assassination conspirators is now released and has more information. Please click here to access it. You can also access it through The Trial homepage.

Throughout May and June of 2020, I am publishing a day by day chronology of the trial of the Lincoln assassination conspirators. This includes almost daily posts announcing the release of what happened at the conspiracy trial 155 years ago. For more information about the creation of this project please click here.

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