BoothieBarn Live on Fox 5!

This morning at 7:30 am EST, I was interviewed along with Tim Morgan, the Chief of Tourism and Special Events for Charles County, MD, about the escape and death of John Wilkes Booth on Fox 5 in D.C. It was my first time on live television and definitely an exciting experience for me. Here’s a capture of the interview:

UPDATE: Fox 5 has put up a much better version of the interview on their website.  Watch it here:

Admittedly, I made a couple slip ups during the interview. I caught myself after accidentally saying that Dr. Mudd broke John Wilkes Booth’s leg rather than setting Booth’s broken leg. I also gave the wrong weekend for the upcoming Symposium at Tudor Hall. That symposium is taking place on May 9th and you should all sign up for it today!

Well, I’m off to Port Royal now. At 2:00 pm we are having an unveiling ceremony at the Port Royal Museum of American History. We will be unveiling the new highway marker that has been placed near the site of John Wilkes Booth’s death, 150 years ago today. Keep an eye on my Twitter for details.

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9 thoughts on “BoothieBarn Live on Fox 5!

  1. Dave Greene

    You’re doing AMAZING work! Please keep it up!!!!

  2. Laurie Verge

    Excellent interview, Dave. I have done quite a few live interviews, and they are not easy. You did a fine job and managed to give publicity to our Booth Tours, Surratt House, the Mudd House, and Tudor Hall. That’s what public relations is all about. Thank you.

  3. Deb Hubacz

    Great job! Congrats and thank you for all of your efforts and keeping us so informed.

  4. Diane Adkins

    Wonderful interview.

  5. Kevin Sockwell

    Congratulations! Yes, live interviews can be tough, but you did great.

  6. Kathy Canavan

    Dave, This is great! Kathy

  7. Good Work Dave! And you still had time to drive to Port Royal in your Booth suit and speak at the sign dedication at the Port Royal Museum of American History. You can see this sign on Rt. 301 near the site where John Wilkes Booth was captured and killed on the Garrett farm. It is 3miles south of the Town.

  8. Thanks Dave for promoting Tudor Hall!

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