Winner of the Assassination Editions of Smithsonian Magazine

It’s been over a week since the contest ended for a free copies of the Assassination Editions of Smithsonian Magazine.  It was great to read the plethora of responses regarding everyone’s favorite Lincoln assassination book.   I want to thank each and every person who commented and joined in on the conversations.

Lincoln assassination Smithsonian Magazines 2015

To select a winner, all of the eligible comments were assigned a sequential number based on when they were posted.  Then an online random number generator was used to select the winning comment.  I’m pleased to announce the winner of a free copy of the above pictures Smithsonian magazines is…

Steve Williams!

Steve posted the following comment about his favorite Lincoln assassination book:

If I were to choose a favorite book about the subject, I guess it would be Blood on the Moon by Edward Steers. My parents mailed it to me as either a birthday or Christmas present right before I deployed to Iraq when I was in the Army. Reading it made me want to research more about Booth and the assassination. And a desire to examine all of the bits of evidence from different perspectives.

Thank you so much for commenting, Steve, and congratulations on winning.  Your free magazines should be arriving in a couple of days.

To everyone else out there, be sure to pick up your own copies of these magazines at your local book store or newsstand.  I was surprised to see copies of both of these magazines at my local supermarket, so you never know where they might turn up.  But get your copies soon before next month’s issue is released.

Again, I want to thank everyone who commented and took part in the contest.  I’m hoping to have another exciting contest soon with a highly coveted prize.  Stay tuned.

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5 thoughts on “Winner of the Assassination Editions of Smithsonian Magazine

  1. Congrats Steve!

  2. Kudos, Steve. You will enjoy the magazines – guaranteed!

  3. Herb Swingle

    Great for you Steve! I won a book on Booth this Fall in a contest on Boothie Barn.This is a tremendous win for you and history lovers!

  4. Brian r. Miller

    Dave, Thanks for the heads up, I got the Abraham and J Wilkes issue at Barnes and Noble but were out of the derringer or March issue so on your suggestion about the supermarket, I tried the Super Stop and Shop and they had 3 issues of the March copy so I got it!! Anybody having a hard time finding it take a trip to your Super store in your area they usually have a good selection of magazines and you might get lucky!!! Thanks dave looking forward to reading them!!! Congratulations on winning the contest Steve!!

  5. Steve Williams

    I just want you to know that I received both magazines and have already begun reading/enjoying them! Thanks again for sending them!
    I’m trying to free up my schedule so I can attend the Tudor Hall symposium in May and if I do I hope to meet you and a whole bunch of other Lincoln/Booth scholars there.

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