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2015 is going to be very busy for those interested in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. While the actual 150th anniversary of the tragedy will occur on April 14th, many groups are planning commemorative events throughout the year.


In an effort to provide a resource for those who may be looking to attend a Lincoln assassination remembrance this year, I have created a custom Google calendar of events.

Some events are multi-month exhibits at various museums, while others are single day speeches or activities. While most events are centered around the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area, this calendar is not confined to that region. Clicking on any event will give you more information about it.  In addition, all of the information contained in this calendar has been translated into a list located on the side of this blog, allowing you to see upcoming events at a glance while reading any page here on BoothieBarn.  The code translating the calendar into list form isn’t perfect however, resulting in small errors and no clickable hyperlinks for more information.  If you want to learn more about an upcoming event, view the calendar below or on its own Calendar page, and the hyperlinks should function properly.

This calendar is a work in progress with new events being continually added.  If you know of an upcoming Lincoln assassination event or exhibit, please comment on the Calendar page and let us know about it so that it can be included.

A future post will highlight some of the really big events planned for this year (The Surratt Society Conference, Ford’s Theatre’s Lincoln Tribute, Charles County’s Lincoln 150, Caroline County’s Capture of John Wilkes Booth, and the Junius Brutus Booth Society’s first ever Tudor Hall and Booth Family Symposium), but until then you can check out the events for yourself in the new Calendar section!

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8 thoughts on “New Section: Calendar

  1. Herb Swingle

    Tremendous new idea Dave!

  2. Ernest L. Abel

    Hi the U.S. Archives is holding a “civil war book fair” on Sat. April 18 with speakers. I’m scheduled to speak on my book “A Finger In Lincoln’s Brain” that day. I don’t know who the other speakers are but you could get in touch with Mr. Doug Swanson for the names of the others.


  3. Deby Fitzpatrick

    I am registered as a living historian for the Lincoln Funeral in Springfield. This will be the most impressive non-military event of the entire 150th celebration. It is interesting to note that although Lincoln signed the EP and the 13th amendment into law, blacks were not allowed to attend the funeral. If folks will do their research they will find that Illinois, Indiana and Ohio were the most bigoted, now called racist, states in the union. FYI: We were told to bring several forms of ID because they expect, I believe, the entire House, Senate and Presidential entourage.

  4. Rich smyth

    Although not technically a Lincoln related event, Jim Garrett is having a Mardi Gras bash at his house on Fat Tuesday, Feb. 22. Everyone is invited!

  5. Charles Owen

    Hello, I enjoy your blog very much. You should contact me as I have a copy of the Washington Weekly Chronicle, the edition after the assassination and before Booth’s capture. It has been conserved and is encased in mylar and can be handled to a certain extent. I am unwilling to let it out of my possession but would welcome you to come look at it in Annapolis. Charlie

  6. Richard Sloan

    The calendar on your wonderful widely read “Boothie Barn” blog, listing calendar of Lincoln assassination/death events is terrific, Dave Taylor. I’d like you to know what related events that are planned by the LINCOLN GROUP OF NY, so I am asking our president, STeve Koppelman, to send you the full details, which he is about to announce. They involve a Lincoln assassination symposium and a walking tour that will retrace a portion of New York City’s great Lincoln funeral procession. I look forward to seeing you in mid-March at the Surratt Society’s conference.

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