New Gallery: Junius Brutus Booth

Junius Brutus Booth was the patriarch of the Maryland Booths.  Born in England, he achieved early fame in London theaters rivaling the biggest stars of the day.  He immigrated to America with his love, Mary Ann Holmes, fleeing his from his real wife and eyeing even greater success in this country.  America welcomed him with open arms and for decades he toured the nation as a unparalleled theatrical genius.  With genius also came madness.  Junius was known to be so passionate and enveloped in the characters he portrayed that, mixed with increasing bouts of drunkedness, he often blurred the line between his real life and the dramatic characters he played on the stage.  This caused stress for the Booth family but, when sober, Junius was a very devoted husband and father.  He inspired three of his sons to make theater their career and influenced generations of actors.  The newest Picture Gallery here on BoothieBarn is devoted to this passionate leader of the Booth Family, Junius Brutus Booth.

To visit the Junius Brutus Booth Gallery, click on Junius Brutus Booth’s picture on the image below or click HERE.  In time I’ll be creating other galleries for the rest of the Booths.

To learn more about Junius, read Dr. Stephen Archer’s unparalleled biography, Junius Brutus Booth: Theatrical Prometheus


Click for Junius Brutus Booth Click for Mary Ann Holmes Booth Click for Junius Brutus Booth, Jr. Click for Rosalie Ann Booth Click for the Booth children Click for Edwin Thomas Booth Click for John Wilkes Booth Click for Joseph Adrian Booth
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3 thoughts on “New Gallery: Junius Brutus Booth

  1. Rich smyth

    Dave, great imagination in placing the Booth family images on the Booth plot marker!

    • Thanks, Rich. I wanted to make a clickable image of all the Booth family members and needed to to be long rather than wide to fit correctly on the blog. The obelisk was the only long Booth thing I had a picture of.

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