John Wilkes Booth and his Conspirators

Here’s my own addition to the conspirator collage family.

John Wilkes Booth and his Conspirators

There are two well known compilation images of the conspirators. One is the “Ring of Conspirators” which is featured in the Benn Pitman version of the trial transcript.

Ring of Conspirators

The other is a CDV image entitled, “Booth & his Associates”

Booth and His Associates

I took my inspiration from this latter image but made sure to add all of those tried for conspiracy in Lincoln’s assassination, including Dr. Mudd.

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8 thoughts on “John Wilkes Booth and his Conspirators

  1. John C. Fazio


    Lincoln said that history is not history if it is not the truth. These collages are not history, because they are not the truth. Edman Spangler was not a conspirator; he was innocent. I have not the slightest doubt of it. There is an entire chapter in my book devoted to his innocence. His photograph, therefore, does not belong in these collages. It is an affront to his memory and to history to include it. I realize that you are not responsible for its inclusion, so I do not ask that you remove it, but perhaps an erratum or some reference to his innocence would be appropriate. It would please him.


    • John,

      As I stated to your other comment in the “Fake Conspirator” gallery, I agree with to that Spangler was largely innocent. However, since he was tried and convicted (on flimsy evidence I grant you) of being a conspirator, I am compelled to still identify him as such.

      Also, I created the first image in this post and included Spangler not because I believe him to be necessarily guilty of any crime, but because his life became inexorably intertwined with the assassination and John Wilkes Booth.

  2. John C. Fazio


    I hear your argument. It reminded me of a friend of mine who was a professor of history, specializing in the ancient Middle East. He was big on Herodotus and Josephus, among early historians of the area. Following their example, he decided to compile a list of blasphemers and seditionists in first century Palestine. He asked me to read his list, which I did. I told him that it was unjust, in my opinion, to include Yeshua bar Yosef, aka Jesus of Nazareth, on his list, inasmuch as he was innocent of both charges. He said he understood my discomfort with that entry, but that because Yeshua was tried and convicted of blasphemy by the Sanhedrin and of sedition by Pilate, he felt he should include him. I am still thinking about that one.


    P.S. I am kidding, of course. Have a good evening.

  3. godeygirl

    Beautiful artwork, Dave! You are truly amazing!

    Thanks for this…..

    • Cliff Roberts

      Dave: Thanks for the interesting collage – Your standards of excellence remain high, and you more than meet them with all the wonderful postings you’ve given us at BoothieBarn. Careful original research, a thorough understanding of the subject matter and insistence on providing top quality photographs and illustrations. That’s the Taylor commitment!

  4. Laurie Verge

    Agreed, Dave. You are creating wonderful “textbooks” for future researchers as well as the general public and students. Thank you.

  5. Rich smyth

    Great job Dave! Save this image for the cover of your groundbreaking book. Spangler is part of history due to his conviction. His guilt or innocence is to be debated. I for one feel (95 percent) that he was innocent. Same for Jesus. He should definitely be included on the list. His declarence that he was “the son of God,” is what he was found guilty of regardless of what history determines.

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