Everyone has bad hair days

I found this little gem of an image for sale on eBay today.  It comes from a 1965 set of “Civil War Picture” cards – essentially Civil War themed baseball cards.

Bettman Civil War Booth Gang Card

I’m not quite sure what my favorite part of this hilarious image is:

  • Mary Surratt, who was experimenting with volumizing shampoo with horrible results?
  • Sam Arnold, who appears to have suffered a massive blow to the head causing a cartoonishly large lump?
  • David Herold, who had his eyebrows waxed off, penciled back on, grew a mustache, and then went for the wind swept look for his hair?

If I have to choose, however, I guess my favorite part would have to be John Wilkes Booth, who, in his attempt to remain undetected during his escape, apparently sported a wig.  Oh, the things you learn from the internet.

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5 thoughts on “Everyone has bad hair days

  1. It also seems that Lewis Paine moved the part in his hair to the other side. A dude’s gotta change it up now and again.

    • Dop,

      I’m pretty sure Lewis’ hair is parted the correct way in this image. Granted it was one of the few things they got right so it was easily to be tricked by.

      By the way, how was your trip to Fort Jefferson?

  2. Rich smyth

    Booth liked George’s tie so much, he borrowed it!

  3. Bill Binzel

    Perhaps Booth was just following the old adage: “When incognito, do as the Cognitians do.”

  4. I guess this was just “The” look for the “In Crowd” in 1865….kinda like “the early disco look – polyester leisure suits and the Farrah Fawcett look…. love Davey’s “penciled in” eye brows!

    Thanks for a good laugh, Dave!

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