Harper Goff’s Blood on the Moon

In the February of 1946 edition of Coronet (a Reader’s Digest like magazine), a condensed version of the Lincoln assassination story was published.  Entitled, “Blood on the Moon”, the brief, 8 page article was based on Carl Sandburg’s chapter of the same name in his biography of Abraham Lincoln.  While the article itself is little more than a rehash of the traditional story, the illustrations that accompany it are fairly impressive.  They were created by artist Harper Goff, who is known for his artistic direction for films such as the Walt Disney classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  What follows is the article from Coronet, featuring Sandburg’s text and Goff’s illustrations:

Blood on the Moon Goff 1

Blood on the Moon Goff 2

Blood on the Moon Goff 3

Blood on the Moon Goff 4

Blood on the Moon Goff 5

Blood on the Moon Goff 6

Blood on the Moon Goff 7

Blood on the Moon Goff 8

“Blood on the Moon”, Coronet, February 1946,

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6 thoughts on “Harper Goff’s Blood on the Moon

  1. Richard Sloan

    Nice of you to share this with everyone! Yes, it’s a nice article and the paintings are, indeed, wonderful. I discvd it years ago (not on ebay, believe it or not!!), and have it both as tear-outs and as the complete issue. I wish I knew what happened to the original artwork. They would sure be nice to own. I think I’ll blow one of them up at STAPLES in color to 11×17 and see if it looks good enough to frame with a mat. Running out of wall space here!. So which one is your favt. Wanna take a vote? My favt. is Lincoln being carried across the street, but they are all terrific. .

    • I also wonder what happened to the original artwork, Richard. I would love to have the one of Booth dying with the barn burning behind him. That one is my favorite image in the set and I bought the article (from eBay, as a matter of fact) just to get a good copy of this image.

  2. What a wonderful article, Dave! The artwork is beautifully creative….thanks so much….great as always –

  3. Rich smyth

    Yes, the artwork is great and very accurate for its time!

  4. Great post. The bedroom painting seems more accurate than most and that’s the one I vote for. Doesn’t it seem logical that the attendees would have been on the wall side of the bed since the door would have been opening constantly?

    • I never really gave it much thought before, Richard, but you’re right. It makes more sense that the occupants would have been between the bed and the wall rather than in the way of the door.

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