Teaser – Another Escape Route Trek

Due to the success of my first attempt at walking part of the escape route a month ago, tomorrow (7/24) I will be undergoing another journey to walk in the footsteps of the assassin.  Tomorrow’s walk will be far longer than my last one but with more water and milder weather I’m confident I can make it.  My walk tomorrow will recreate John Wilkes Booth and David Herold’s movements from the time period of about 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Saturday, April 15th, 1865.  I will start, like the assassins, by leaving the home of Dr. Samuel A. Mudd who had set Booth’s broken leg and allowed him to rest in his home during the day.  From Mudd’s I will follow the approximate route that Booth and Herold took until they showed up at the home of Oswell Swann, whom they subsequently hired as their guide to take them to Rich Hill.  Here’s an 1866 map with a modern map fading up and down on it showing the sites I will visit tomorrow:


(If the image above isn’t animated, click it)

The 1866 map isn’t completely scaled with the modern map, but the sites I highlighted are in the correct places on the 1866 map.  I already have different texts and accounts packed up in my backpack to read along the way as I document the walk with video.  I’ll be getting an early start so I’m hoping to have everything posted up on here around evening time, but we will see how tired I am.  Here’s hoping there’s no surprise rain tomorrow.

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7 thoughts on “Teaser – Another Escape Route Trek

  1. Bryantown Tavern
    23 July 2013

    After you complete your traversing of the Dr. Mudd to Oswell Swann portion of the JWB escape route tomorrow, fell free to stop by the house here for a Cool One or whatever else you might need to recover – or for a ride back to Dr. Mudd’s to (presumably) retrieve your car.

    No need to call ahead – I will be here all day.

    Either way: Good Luck.

    Robert W. (Bob) Cook

    • Thank you for the offer, Bob, but my dogs were barking so badly by the time I was done, that I drove straight home. Some other time, good sir.

  2. Gene C

    Dave, do you plan on breaking your leg to add more realism to your trek?

  3. Rich smyth

    I am excited to see the results of your trek. I no longer have to leave my house!

  4. Richard

    Maybe, just for a moment this is a twilight zone episode; your back in time, 1865. Fun to imagine.

  5. Well I’m back at home now, having successfully made the walk. I’m hobbling around this house like an old man due to how sore my feet are. I’m working in uploading my videos and should have a post up in a couple of hours or so. Thanks for the support everyone!

  6. Heath

    Terrific post, Dave.


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