The Second Death of Abraham Lincoln

Thank you to Richard Sloan for sending this unique, albeit strange, comic book from his collection. You can see excerpts of other Lincoln assassination comic books here.

Second Death of Lincoln 1 Second Death of Lincoln 2 Second Death of Lincoln 3 Second Death of Lincoln 4 Second Death of Lincoln 5 Second Death of Lincoln 6 Second Death of Lincoln 7

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3 thoughts on “The Second Death of Abraham Lincoln

  1. Sharon

    Wow! Two of my passions, the Booth family and comics, in one place! Thanks, Dave and Richard. The artwork is by the great Leonard Starr, who would go on to draw the popular long-running syndicated comic strip Mary Perkins: On Stage–yes, the protagonist was an actress. According to the Grand Comics Database the writer here was Arnold Drake (who wrote mostly for DC and Marvel). I notice Drake has JWB cry “Sic transit..” instead of “Sic semper…” Hmmm, authorial artistic license or just a mistake? 😉

    • Thanks for the info, Sharon. I don’t know much about comic books, but I love finding the Lincoln assassination in non traditional media.

    • Annabel

      I want to know what “sic transit tyranus” means…

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