Tudor Hall Teaser

Today, I made a visit to Tudor Hall, the home of the Booth family, and other sites relating to the Booths in Harford County, MD. A more thorough post will follow later but, as we drive home, I thought I’d put up this teaser of pictures from my day:





And, as a challenge to you all, what is the Boothie significance of where I am in this picture?

Hint: Snoop around the Harford County Historical Society’s web page for it.

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12 thoughts on “Tudor Hall Teaser

  1. Carolyn

    Hi Dave

    • Carolyn

      I too heard about the story about JWB carving his initials on the rock but not finding it anywhere including “Right Or Wrong, God Judge Me: The Writings of John Wilkes Booth”. I just sent an email with someone at Tudor Hall and see if he shed any light to this story.

  2. Richard Sloan

    With lance in hand, JWB used to ride around that park. A friend of his recollected (if my own recollections are correct that JWB and friends loved climbing those rocks, and there is one on which Booth’s initials are crudely chiseled. You must have found it. Not sure if it’s the real thing or a later carving. Prob. the real mcCoy. I saw it and photographed it years ago.)

  3. Anthony Classick

    Could have let me know that you were going and I practically went by there on the road to Washington, I had the impression it was only open in the fall. Forgot the name of the place when we
    were in Maryland and exactly where it was, the same for the Surratt Society, I thought it was quite aways from D.C. Would have been more than standing in long lines at the Smithsonian and Ford’s

  4. Jim Garrett

    OK enough tease…..More Tudor Hall.

  5. I’ve spent a lot of time at rocks park. I actually found the initials JWB and the date of 1850 something, some yrs ago. I did not have a camera , and it was before everyone carried cell phones. Given time im sure I could find it again.

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