For the Escape Theorists…

For those out there who believe that John Wilkes Booth did not die at Garrett’s farm on April 26th, 1865, the following will surely validate your long-held beliefs.  After reading my post about his birthday, a Texas lawyer who has written a book on the subject of Booth’s escape sent me a picture he received just this day from a man he knows as “John David St. E. Helen George”.  Apparently this gentleman is also celebrating his 175th birthday today:

Booth's 175th Birthday

Coincidence? I think not!

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6 thoughts on “For the Escape Theorists…

  1. Anthony Classick

    I have a better photo than that and it has nothing to do with the guy in Oklahoma who claimed to be
    Booth.I’d put it here if I could put photos on here, but I don’t know anything of this photos past.

  2. Laurie Verge

    That’s hilarious. You can re-post it on April Fool’s Day next year too…

    At first, the beard reminded me of Gideon Welles. However, there is another gentleman from history that might appear in assassination-related posts soon. His name was Philip Henson, and he supposedly had a beard of enormous lengths like this Boothie. The beard had a tendency to tangle in wagon wheels.

  3. The Travel Channel’s Monumental Mysteries had a story about this last night. Here’s the link:

    • Thanks for sharing this Carolyn!

      The last line in the video is, “The truth will have to wait.” No, it doesn’t. The truth of Booth’s death has been known since he was killed at the Garrett farm on April 26th, 1865.

  4. Dave – Loving it! A hirsute Booth….perfect!!

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