Assassination Ads and Apps

Last Sunday’s The Washington Post devoted an entire section to the Civil War:


Inside the 16 page section there were several interesting articles relating to Civil War events that happened 150 years ago. While exploring it my attention was drawn to a couple of advertisements regarding the assassination:




I like seeing the rarely used wanted poster image of David Herold in the advertisement for Ford’s Theatre walking tour and the small note on the bottom of the Surratt House, “Ask about our popular John Wilkes Booth Escape Route Tours”. They are quite popular, indeed.

In addition to these ads, there was also a Visit Maryland ad that highlighted their Civil War Trails program:


It also mentioned their new mobile app and so I decide to download it:


I wanted to see how their tour app of the assassination route compared to the app created in conjunction with Michael Kauffman’s new book, In the Footsteps of an Assassin:


Sadly, the Booth escape route portion of the Civil War Trails app is, “coming soon”.


So, as of now, Michael Kauffman’s app is still the only mobile app out there for the assassination route. The app itself is free and called, “MyTourGuide” and then it costs $9.99 to purchase the escape route tour. There are a few mistakes in it, (the Herndon House narration doesn’t work, the locations of some of the sites are a bit off) but it’s a nice start for those who want/have to experience Booth’s escape on their own. Once the Civil War Trails app is updated, I’ll review that one further.

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9 thoughts on “Assassination Ads and Apps

  1. Laurie Verge

    God bless the Surratt Society, the associate organization affiliated with Surratt House, for their generosity in footing the bill for 90% of the paid advertising done by the museum. We are a government owned facility and do receive assistance from the Public Affairs and Marketing Division of that agency. The county and state offices of tourism do support us nicely also, but the bulk of paid advertising comes from the coffers of the Surratt Society (courtesy of the Booth Tours that they sponsor and the generosity of over 1500 members’ dues worldwide.

    • I’m glad that my dues can help spread the word of the Surratt House to more and more people. It’s so great to see advertising for it.

  2. Can the CW Maryland app be purchased for free on at the Ap Store for iPhone? I’m going to look for that one as well –

    Thanks, Dave!

    • Yes, it is free Betty. Search Civil War Trails and you’ll find it. Hopefully it’ll be updated with the Booth escape route soon.

  3. Thanks, Dave! I got it….I’m also interested in the Baltimore app –

    Also – I’ve downloaded the Gettysburg AP and others from the Civil War Trust. These are free and are really great –

    • I’ll have to check that out, Betty.

      One app that I love is a new one called Rego. Rego is an app for bookmarking locations on a map. While conceivably used to mark and remember places you’ve been, I’ve been using it as a mobile “bulletin board map with pins in it”. I’m going through and adding the locations of assassination related places I want to visit. That way, whenever I go in a trip, or we go for a drive, I can see if there are any assassination related places nearby that I want to visit. I already used it coming back from Gettysburg when we stopped at Hartman Richter’s grave.

      Rego costs $2.99 but I think it’s worth it.

  4. Wesley Harris

    Dave, I see you’ve marked some sites west of the Mississippi. What are they?

    • My list is always growing Wes and not everything is related to the Lincoln assassination. One of those three flags is marking the 6th Floor Museum in Dallas, Texas.

      The other two are Lincoln assassination related. One marks the location of Boston Corbett’s dug out home in Kansas. The other marks the grave of James O. Hall in Oklahoma. I figure every Lincoln assassination researcher has to pay their respects to him personally.

  5. Anthony Classick

    I had no idea the Surratt house was so close to Washington. WE had a whole day with not much to
    do, the crowds really got to us, surely would have made a visit.

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