Like father, like son

The Mudd home in 1915

The Mudd home in 1915

“Dr. Samuel A. Mudd, who, not knowing that the President had been shot, reduced the fracture of Booth’s ankle, which the murderer sustained in catching a spur in the flag which draped the President’s private box as he, Booth leaped from the murder box to the stage, was a physician known by everybody in the three rural counties below Washington City. He was a member of one of the most numerous families in that part of Maryland, and it is within reason to say that to-day thousands of his kin are living in the territory through which Booth and Herold fled. The name is a very common one in the southern counties of Maryland, and Sidney Mudd the elder, who long represented that district in Congress was a kinsman, and so of course is Sidney Mudd the younger, who was elected to Congress from that district last fall.
Dr. Mudd for his part in the tragedy was sentenced by military court to Dry Tortugas for life, but in 1869 was pardoned by President Andrew Johnson. Returning to his home, he practiced medicine till his death in 1882 [1883]. His widow died four years ago and the family house, in which Booth’s ankle was set, is dwelt in to-day by Dr. Mudd’s son and his wife and children.” – New York Tribune, April 4, 1915

Sam Mudd, Jr. and family 1915

Samuel Alexander Mudd, Jr. was the fourth child of Dr. Mudd and his wife, Sarah Frances Dyer Mudd. He was born on January 30th, 1864 and, in addition to the Mudd family home, he also inherited his father’s looks:

Sam Mudd Sr and Jr

“Following Trial To-day of Lincoln’s Assassin” – New York Tribune, April 4, 1915

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9 thoughts on “Like father, like son

  1. J. Beckert

    Great job, Dave, but I’m wondering what the attachment to the home is to the right is in the 1915 photograph. Woodshed? Summer kitchen? Stable?

  2. Laurie Verge

    Aat first glance, I thought the photo might be reversed; but then I reached the same conclusion as Dave. The porched area attaches the main block of the house to the kitchen. I believe that it was over this porched area that Ned Spangler spent his last days.

    • J. Beckert

      You’re right. The chimney location gives it away.

  3. Richard Sloan

    The picture IS reversed, as the chimney is on the wrong side (as J. Beckert noticed)., assuming that this is the front of the house. And why wouldn’t it be the front of the house? Why would a picture be taken of the back of the house instead?

    • The covered porch seems to suggest that this picture is of the back of the house, Richard.

    • Dorothea Barstow

      I’ve been docenting at the Dr Mudd House for nearly 3 years and I promise you,this is the back of
      the house.The small building to the right of the picture was the old kitchen. The middle building is an
      1864 addition and was Sarah’s new kitchen. Ned Spangler’s quarters were above the new kitchen
      and it was here that he passed away in 1875.

      • Thank you for the verification, Dorothea. It’s nice to find an older view of the Mudd house from a different angle.

      • Paul Fisher

        Agreed. The door in the main area of the house is also not centered on the front of the house, but rather it is located to the north end.

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